Season 1

Ep. 1

Fishy Story

Desert Island Drought

King Neptune's Court

Ep. 2

The Slick

Treasure Island Tricks

Cold Snap

Ep. 3

Mermaid's Pups

Work in Progress


Ep. 4

The Mermaid in the Sky

A Lovesick Survivor

Digging Deep

Ep. 5

Waterski Hit!

Nurse Marina

Hundreds of Kids and Counting

Ep. 6

The Submarine

A Tale of Two Legs

Little Shrimp Buddy

Ep. 7

The Horribly Hungry Hyena

Volcano Turbo


Ep. 8


Blown Up!

Silly Builders

Ep. 9

The Manic Mermaid

Aqua Golf

The Island Tour

Ep. 10

Moby Zig

Santa Zig

Saving Mermaid Marina

Ep. 11

Silly Sleight of Hand

Hammerhead Cousin

Sharko Hunting

Ep. 12

The Challengers

Birthday Party

The Coach

Ep. 13

Frozen Island

At Your Service

Freedom for Marina!

Ep. 14

Marina's New Friend

The Fan

The Ghastly Ghost

Ep. 15

Sea's Up

Fairground Follies!

Zig's Jumbo Friend

Ep. 16

Bottom's Bottom


Caution, Genius at Work!

Ep. 17

Goin' Home

Sharko and His Folks

Calamity Camping

Ep. 18

Magical Jellyfish

Boo... Who!

Super Zig

Ep. 19

The Tiny Tyrant

Coral Reef Cowboys

The King's Highway

Ep. 20

Fancy Footwork


Me, Myself and I

Ep. 21

War of the Clones

Save the Hyena!

Bristlebeard's Adventure

Ep. 22

The Noble Knights of the Lagoon


Marina Superstar

Ep. 23

The Were-Yena

Loony Cruise

Lightning Love

Ep. 24

Bernie Moves House

Hair Story

Space Fruits

Ep. 25

Zig Taxi-Driver

Cop Duty

Goofy Astronauts

Ep. 26

Fisherman's Catch

The Return of the Crazy Dolphin

Toys Attack!

Season 2

Ep. 1

What a Day!!

Beach Hero

Back to Civilisation

Ep. 2

Father in Law

Stuffed Animals

Zig Airlines

Ep. 3

Castle Life

Mermaid Fritter

A Mysterious Guest

Ep. 4

End of the World

Let's Dance!!

Sea, Surf and Fun

Ep. 5

Bad Hair Day

Fishing for Hyenas

Run Sharko, Run!

Ep. 6

The Conquistador

Game Over Not!

Spick and Span

Ep. 7

A Whistle for Sharko

Bionic Zig

Sharko and Zig on the Rocks

Ep. 8

The Master of the Volcano

Let's Get Fit!

It's Magic!

Ep. 9

A Sweet Tooth

The Scent of the Hyena


Ep. 10

Self-Defense Academy

A Generous Mermaid

Catch a Falling Star

Ep. 11

Lousy Beach Drivers

A Relative Problem

King of the Animal World

Ep. 12

Bosom Buddies


Teacher's Pet

Ep. 13

Rolling, Action!

Buzzing Around

Unicorn Blues

Ep. 14

Tinky Toys

The Invader

Daddy Dearest

Ep. 15

Lost in the Jungle

Daddy Little Doggy

Marina Goes Farming

Ep. 16

Hair Do Hair Don't

High on the Mountain Top

The Mummy

Ep. 17

Movie Night

That Sinking Feeling

Teen Rebels

Ep. 18

The Moo Can

The Heist

An Evil Panda

Ep. 19



High Wired

Ep. 20

A Three Pronged Disaster

Boing! Boing!

Little Train, Big Adventure

Ep. 21

Red Light, Green Light

The Fall

Zig Top Chef

Ep. 22

Miss Beach

Catch You on the Rewind

Dance of the Vampire

Ep. 23

Front Runner

The Power of Attraction

Choice Morsels

Ep. 24



The Curse

Ep. 25

DIY Sharko & Invisible Zig

Game, Set and Match

Heat Wave

Ep. 26

The Proposal

Disco in the Dark

The Toothpaste

Season 3

Ep. 1

Welcome on Board

Daddy Cool

Nurse Marina

Ep. 2

Safety First

The Storm

The Treasure Hunt

Ep. 3

Sharko My Hero

Under the Sea

Do Not Disturb

Ep. 4

Blindman's Buff

Zig the Gardener

Garbage Galore

Ep. 5

Freezing Buddies

Frosty Friendship

The Maze

Ep. 6

The Parsley

Viking Love

Hide and Squeek

Ep. 7

The Invaders

The Pranksters

Synchronized Swimming

Ep. 8


Old Buddies

A Hell of a Friend

Ep. 9

Robot Craze

Bionic Butler


Ep. 10

The Kiss

A Beautiful Shell

The Song of the Sirens

Ep. 11

Hats off to the Artist

A Star on Board!

Operation Santa Claus

Ep. 12

The Mermaid's Feast

Atchoo! Aude Massot

Virtual Attraction

Ep. 13

Rockstar Marina

The Fitness Session

Sharko's Best Friend

Ep. 14

Zig's Shadow

The Nap

Sink or Swim

Ep. 15

A Ball on the Loose

A Castle Built for Two

The Serenade

Ep. 16

Best Girlfriends

My Buddy Bigfoot

A Brother's Tiff

Ep. 17

The Diving Contest

The Elevator Trip

Childhood Treasure

Ep. 18

Foggy Day

The Rival

Sharko on Ice

Ep. 19

The Mime


Banana Peel

Ep. 20

Saturday Night Dance

The Clairvoyant

Lost at Sea

Ep. 21

The Power of the Cape

The Rare Bird

Deafening Noise

Ep. 22

Daddy Bernie

A Pearl for My Girl

The Boating Licence

Ep. 23

North Pole Movie

A Pie Dream

Wide Awake

Ep. 24

A Heroic Tale


Mechanical Jaws

Ep. 25

The Crosswalk

The Cloud

The Captain's Evening

Ep. 26

Game Over


Poseidon's Visit

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