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Ep. 1: The Bikini Babe who Fell from the Sky

Ep. 2: Hold on to your hips

Ep. 3: Cum Aoi and a secret adventure

Ep. 4: A wonderful red leotard

Ep. 5: Aoi disappeared in the bathroom

Ep. 6: Adult love is a pinch of Drim

Ep. 7: Premonition that the uniform is sewn

Ep. 8: Declaration of love in two years

Ep. 9: Rhythmic gymnastics for a man who burns

Ep. 10: Test perfectly with Miku-chan

Ep. 11: Teleport where love grows

Ep. 12: Wow! Miku and her first kiss

Ep. 13: Friendship from a beautiful girl

Ep. 14: Mr. Matsuoka who has lost love

Ep. 15: The ally of justice is sit glitter

Ep. 16: The secret of the two who have been seen

Ep. 17: It's too similar and I gota !? Me and me

Ep. 18: Robbed Drim Note

Ep. 19: A little trouble love pattern

Ep. 20: Miku was in my tears!

Ep. 21: Quiz Bakkun! Yes pose

Ep. 22: The hero of justice who attacked Miku

Ep. 23: Aoi sighs in the sunset sky

Ep. 24: Soaked Yokohama Dreaming Love

Ep. 25: Goodbye Kiss of tears

Ep. 26: Love sways in the Chiguhagu heart

Ep. 27: Love is scattered in the betrayal heart

Ep. 28: Wow! Miku-chan has transformed

Ep. 29: Dangerous melody that spreads temptation

Ep. 30: Riro-chan panic!

Ep. 31: Momoko's first love gift

Ep. 32: A school trip in the middle of the night

Ep. 33: Cute Makeover Wing Girls

Ep. 34: I want to remember Aoi

Ep. 35: Wait! Rumored Delta End

Ep. 36: Goodbye message to Miku

Ep. 37: Kiss is Azuke Deathmatch

Ep. 38: The day when Aoi's supernatural powers disappear!

Ep. 39: Farewell to tears Friendship Scrum

Ep. 40: Helper Riro-chan runs too much

Ep. 41: Enemy or ally !? Mysterious Warrior

Ep. 42: The last makeover in Podrimus!

Ep. 43: The secret of Drim who defeated Limel

Ep. 44: Miku and Aoi and a new determination

Ep. 45: Shock! What is Ketakura?

Ep. 46: Farewell Miku and first experience

Ep. 47: Goodbye Aoi until the day we meet again