May 6, 2007-present

You Know What's Bullshit (sometimes shortened to YKWBS by fans) is a webseries on, aiming to rant on the everyday things that the title character thinks are "bullshit".

In the summer of 2020, the name of the series was changed to You Know What's BS!? in order to be in line with YouTube's new monetization policies.

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A disgruntled man with a mound of cow dung for a head named "The Bullshit Man" talks about various, every day items, and how they are all, in fact, worthless.

Sound Effects Used

Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE COW MOO, ANIMAL, 02 (Heard in the intro in a high pitch.)

Sound Ideas, EXPLOSION - LARGE EXPLOSION 03 (H-B) (Heard once in "Traffic Spikes." and "Car GPS.")

Wilhelm Scream (Heard once in "Car GPS.")

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