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You Don't Know Jack is a video game developed by Starsphere and published by Sierra for the PlayStation.


In You Don't Know Jack either one or two screws (depending on the total number of players in the game, not counting Audience members) could be awarded in one of two ways: (1) they could be given to the player(s) who gave the fewest correct answers in the "Dis or Dat" round; and (2) to the lowest-scoring player(s) at the break starting Round Two. (Several factors—too numerous to name here—determined how many screws would be awarded in each case, and players could only hold one screw at a time.) Unlike previous versions of the game, screws can affect all other players instead of just one (most notably if they have not yet answered before the screw is activated), and they make the question more difficult to answer for the players instead of forcing the them to answer within a short amount of time. Examples include removing all vowels from the answers, flipping the text upside-down on their devices, making the text of the question and the answers on the player's devices extremely small or large, or bouncing the answers around the screen in the style of a screensaver program. Others include forcing the players to enter a password, scroll through an excessively long "Terms of Service" form, or choosing a new screen name before being able to select an answer.

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