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November 6, 1985

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is the 29th prime-time animated musical TV special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. This adaptation of the 1967 musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown[1] originally aired on the CBS network on November 6, 1985. The special was produced by Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. It is the first Peanuts special to have input from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Pierrot, and like the other specials, had input from Toei Animation, also from Japan.


Charlie Brown and the Peanuts sing out as they perform excerpts from the classic musical. Charlie Brown has one of his usual bad days of loneliness and failure whether it be in the schoolyard, at the baseball diamond or at home. Meanwhile, Linus ponders his dependence on his security blanket, Linus bullies and pesters the boys, Sally Brown goes through life with her scatterbrain philosophies and Snoopy indulges in his appetites and fantasies. However, there is music to be had to see them through, until they all realize what truly makes them happy.

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