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September 26, 1987

Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose is a 1987 animated made-for-television film produced by Hanna-Barbera.


Yogi leads his friends on a tour of the "Spruce Goose", the world-famous flying boat / aircraft, built by billionaire Howard Hughes. While touring, they were accidentally locked inside the plane. To make matters more worse, the dome where the plane was located closed up for the night. As the gang tried to get out, Augie Doggie tripped over and opened a door. Now the gang walked down a corridor and soon they came to the cockpit. While looking for a button or switch to open a door, Yogi pushed a button which magically activated the plane. Soon the gang exited the dome in the plane. In an attempt to avoid a bridge, Yogi pulls back the wheel, causing the Spruce Goose to lift off. The plane nearly collides with the RMS Queen Mary Hotel, but is able to lift off and avoid the ship. A segment then occurs where the Spruce Goose is in outer space, and the gang begins seeing images of each other drawn in the stars. Later we see two aliens, Merkin and Firkin, trying to invade earth by posing as "Earth people", but they were scared away from California by the Spruce Goose.

Next, Yogi and his friends listen to the radio about a group of arctic animals down at the South Pole trapped by a snowstorm and unable to reach the open sea. So they fly down there to help. While flying over to the spot where the animals are trapped, they stopped to help an injured pelican. Then they met a young girl with an attitude named Bernice, who had been on the Spruce Goose tour with her mom before getting lost herself. Soon they arrive to save the animals. They did that by having the Spruce Goose plow through the ice like a giant icebreaker and open a channel to the ocean. They succeeded, but their mission wasn't finished yet, as the penguins were attacked by sharks. So they got the plane to act as a bridge to get the penguins safely across the water. Suddenly, Bernice tripped a fell onto a propeller. Yogi saved her, but he wound up hanging onto the propeller instead. Quick Draw McGraw arrived to save Yogi, but soon all three of them fell off the plane and landed on an ice pack due to Snagglepuss' attempt to swing Yogi back up via starting the engines. The sharks approached the three gang members in peril, but they were scared off by a whale who saved the group. The whale took them back to the Spruce Goose and the gang then flew away.

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