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Yasuyuki Konno (今野康之 Konno Yasuyuki) is a former Swara Productions member who was best known for his SFX work on various anime shows such as Love Live! Sunshine!! and Sailor Moon.


In the 1990's and 2000's, he use to be heavy on the use of existing cartoon SFX libraries (Cartoon Trax Vol. 1, and Hanna-Barbera) for comedic sequences, as well as the The General Series 6000 for regular scenes in anime. But when he was doing sound editing on the Love Live! anime adaptions (including "School Idol Project" and "Sunshine!!") in the 2010's decade, he only used a few other SFX libraries and making his own. The only time he recently used stock sounds again was with the second season of Kemono Friends.

Sound Effect Libraries he uses

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