Season 1

"Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)"

"Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)"

"Enter Magneto"

"Deadly Reunions"

"Captive Hearts"

"Cold Vengeance"

"Slave Island"

"The Unstoppable Juggernaut"

"The Cure"

"Come the Apocalypse"

"Days of Future Past (Part 1)"

"Days of Future Past (Part 2)"

"The Final Decision"

Season 2

"Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1)"

"Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2)"

"Whatever It Takes"

"Red Dawn"

"Repo Man"

"X-Ternally Yours"

"Time Fugitives (Part 1)"

"Time Fugitives (Part 2)"

"A Rogue's Tale"

"Beauty & the Beast"


"Reunion (Part 1)"

"Reunion (Part 2)"

Season 3

"Out of the Past - Part I"

"Out of the Past - Part II"

"The Phoenix Saga, Part I: Sacrifice"

"The Phoenix Saga, Part II: The Dark Shroud"

"The Phoenix Saga, Part III: The Cry of the Banshee"

"The Phoenix Saga, Part IV: The Starjammers"

"The Phoenix Saga, Part V: Child of Light"

"Savage Land, Strange Heart - Part One"

"Savage Land, Strange Heart - Part Two"


"The Dark Phoenix, Part I: Dazzled"

"The Dark Phoenix, Part II: The Inner Circle"

"The Dark Phoenix, Part III: The Dark Phoenix"

"The Dark Phoenix, Part IV: The Fate of the Phoenix"

"Cold Comfort"

"Orphan's End"

"The Juggernaut Returns"


"Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape"

Season 4

"One Man's Worth (Part 1)"

"One Man's Worth (Part 2)"


"Proteus (Part 1)"

"Proteus (Part 2)"

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"

"Beyond Good and Evil (Part 1): The End of Time"

"Beyond Good and Evil (Part 2): Promise of Apocalypse"

"Beyond Good and Evil (Part 3): The Lazarus Chamber"

"Beyond Good and Evil (Part 4): End and Beginning"

"Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas"

"Lotus and the Steel"

"Love in Vain"

"Secrets, Not Long Buried"

"Xavier Remembers"

"Family Ties"

Season 5

"The Phalanx Covenant (Part 1)"

"The Phalanx Covenant (Part 2)"

"A Deal with the Devil"

"No Mutant Is an Island"



"Storm Front (Part 1)"

"Storm Front (Part 2)"

"Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre"

"The Fifth Horseman"

"Old Soldiers"

"Hidden Agendas"


"Graduation Day"

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