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Wow!, also known as THX WOW!, is a 1990 Laserdisc demo for THX combining footage from the original Star Wars trilogy, Raiders of the Last Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Willow.

Skywalker Sound was given Special Thanks for providing Sound Design and Audio Post-Production services. Ben Burtt, who also served as Creative Consultant, is the Sound Designer. T.M. Christopher is the Editor (or Sound Effects Editor), while Kris Wiskes is the Assistant Editor (or Asst. Sound Editor). Gary Summers did the task of Sound Mixing. Kathleen Korth, Ken Fischer and Tim Holland are the Sound Editors, while Thomas O'Shea and Ethan Van der Ryn are Asst. Sound Editors. James Allen, who was left uncredited, served as the Re-Recordist. Tomlinson Holman, who was also given Special Thanks, was given an uncredited role for a sound consultant for THX.

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