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August 7, 2020

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (or simply Wizards) is an American computer-animated fantasy limited series created by Guillermo del Toro, and produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and Double Dare You Productions. The award-winning series is the third and final installment of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, following Trollhunters (2016–2018) and 3Below (2018–2019), and was released on August 7, 2020 on Netflix.

The first limited series in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, it is a fantasy time travel saga that explores the world's mythological origins and introduces a new protagonist in Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan, a former apprentice to the legendary Merlin who was forgotten for centuries and is now eager to prove his worth as a sorcerer in the eyes of his old master.

Wizards has been acclaimed by critics as a groundbreaking animated series, both for its complex storytelling and high quality animation. Alci Rengifo of Entertainment Voice writes, "...Del Toro wants everyone, even the adults, to get something out of Wizards. This makes it an adventure worth taking, like any great fairy tale." In 2021, the series won an Annie Award and the Kidscreen Award for "Best New Series," a category including all live-action and animated programming that year, and was nominated for four Daytime Emmys, including Outstanding Children's Animated Series.

It will be followed by a full-length feature film titled Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, scheduled for release on July 21, 2021.


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