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October 9, 1995 – December 4, 1997

Wishbone is a half-hour live-action children's television show that was produced from 1995 to 1997 and broadcast on PBS Kids.


Wishbone, a jack russell terrier dog who has a knack for reading and a big imagination, lives in the Talbot residence with his owner/caretaker, Joe Talbot, and his mother, Ellen Talbot.  He talks to the viewers via his mind. Wishbone compares classic literature to everyday situations in his life. Joe also likes to hang out with his two friends, Sam and David. The Talbots live next door to Wanda Gilmour, who is cheerful but doesn't like it when Wishbone digs up her yard. At the end of almost every episode, a behind the scenes look of how the show is made is shown prior to the credits.

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