Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Cookie Crisis"

Ep 2.: "Boo!"

Ep 3.: "The Magic Crayon"

Ep 4.: "I Want My Mommy"

Ep 5.: "Flower Power"

Ep 6.: "Babies Have It Made"

Ep 7.: "The Scaredy Cats"

Ep 8.: "The Treasure Hunt"

Ep 9.: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

Ep 10.: "What's the Matter with Horace?"

Ep 11.: "You're Not My Friend"

Ep 12.: "To Share or Not To Share"

Ep 13.: "The Play's the Thing"

Ep 14.: "The Lucky Pin"

Ep 15.: "Queen For A Day"

Ep 16.: "A Fishy Fish Story"

Ep 17.: "To Tell the Truth"

Ep 18.: "Jonas, The Actor"

Ep 19.: "All Alone"

Ep 20.: "You Just Gotta Keep Trying"

Ep 21.: "A Medal for Horace"

Ep 22.: "By the Numbers"

Ep 23.: "Mad at Dad"

Ep 24.: "Aahhchoo!"

Ep 25.: "Wimzie's Hushabye"

Ep 26.: "The Tattletales"

Ep 27.: "I Dare You!"

Ep 28.: "We Want Toys!"

Ep 29.: "The Personal Trainer"

Ep 30.: "Jonas and All of His Hits"

Ep 31.: "Who Do You Trust?"

Ep 32.: "Jonas' Big Purple Map"

Ep 33.: "Wimzie's Three Wishes"

Ep 34.: "Who's The Boss?"

Ep 35.: "The Great Moving Day"

Ep 36.: "The Mighty Monster Power Piggies"

Ep 37.: "Wimzie's Scary Dream"

Ep 38.: "The Little Red Wimzie"

Ep 39.: "Friendship Day"

Ep 40.: "Bye Bye Birdie"

Ep 41.: "A Little Privacy, Please?"

Ep 42.: "I'm Scared for Daddy"

Ep 43.: "Bo Goes Bonkers!"

Ep 44.: "Identical Cousins"

Ep 45.: "The Hand-Me-Down Sweater"

Ep 46.: "I Think I Forgot Something"

Ep 47.: "Mommy's Afraid"

Ep 48.: "The Stuke-A-Piddleys"

Ep 49.: "The Tooth Fairy"

Ep 50.: "Wimzie's Late"

Ep 51.: "The Cookie Caper"

Ep 52.: "Wimzie's Big Trip"

Ep 53.: "The Lost Bone"

Ep 54.: "Official Backwards Day"

Ep 55.: "Doctor Wimzie"

Ep 56.: "The Assistant Grown-Up"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "The Sore Winner"

Ep 2.: "To Each His Own"

Ep 3.: "The Contest"

Ep 4.: "Please Don't Say That!"

Ep 5.: "Be Yourself"

Ep 6.: "The Boys Against The Girls"

Ep 7.: "The Storm"

Ep 8.: "You Have to Learn the Trade"

Ep 9.: "Substitute Daddy"

Ep 10.: "Wimzie the Magician"

Ep 11.: "The Best Hiding Place on Earth"

Ep 12.: "The Jingle"

Ep 13.: "Mind Your Manners"

Ep 14.: "Picking a President"

Ep 15.: "We Can Do It!"

Ep 16.: "The Accident"

Ep 17.: "Happy Birthday, Yaya!"

Ep 18.: "The Dropsies"

Ep 19.: "Icky, Yucky and Goofy"

Ep 20.: "Cinderloulou"

Ep 21.: "Loulou Thinks Big"

Ep 22.: "Nicknames"

Ep 23.: "A Little Bit Testy"

Ep 24.: "Noises Night and Day"

Ep 25.: "Motherly Love"

Ep 26.: "I Don't Like Chores!"

Ep 27.: "Imagination in Action"

Ep 28.: "Promises, Promises"

Ep 29.: "The Telephone Call"

Ep 30.: "Am I Dreaming?"

Ep 31.: "What's the Truth?"

Ep 32.: "Wimzie the Prankster"

Ep 33.: "My Doll is for Sale"

Ep 34.: "The Show-Off"

Ep 35.: "Growing Up is Hard To Do"

Ep 36.: "From Dirt... to Ice Cream"

Ep 37.: "Shaggy's Visit"

Ep 38.: "Wimzie's Rainbow Wig"

Ep 39.: "Ants in My Pants"

Ep 40.: "The Silent Treatment"

Ep 41.: "Daddy's Girl"

Ep 42.: "Go for the Gold"

Ep 43.: "Wimzie's Family Career Day"

Ep 44.: "It's Bedtime!"

Ep 45.: "The Blackout"

Ep 46.: "Who Needs Yaya?"

Ep 47.: "All 'Round the World in a Day"

Ep 48.: "The Big Dinosaur"

Ep 49.: "The Gizmo-A-Gig-A-Bopper"

Ep 50.: "The Surprise That ... Wasn't"

Ep 51.: "The Ugly Scary Statue"

Ep 52.: "Horace Goes Whammer"

Ep 53.: "Wimzie Sees It All"

Ep 54.: "Wimzie the Interrupter"

Ep 55.: "The Magic Starfruit"

Ep 56.: "The Perfect Christmas"

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