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Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders, also known simply as Wild Grinders, is an American animated television series airing on Nickelodeon's sister channel Nicktoons. The series is based on a successful toy-line that was produced by Mattel and released in 2010.

The brand was created by, produced by, and loosely based on the life of professional skateboarder and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek, with distribution by MoonScoop. The show made its second broadcast on U.S. television on April 27, 2012. Various animated shorts featuring the Wild Grinders characters had previously been seen and continues to be seen on Kabillion, a video on demand channel and streaming video website partially owned by Moonscoop.

On August 1, 2013, Rob Dyrdek confirmed a second season with 26 episodes, which premiered on Nicktoons on December 23, 2013.

Rob Dyrdek partnered with Teletoon to create a two-parter Halloween special, titled "Texas Skateboard Horrorland Zombie Activity 3", which aired on October 24, 2013, on Teletoon.


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