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WhitneyGoLucky: The Movie is an action comedy drama horror musical supernatural film directed by Whitney Larson. It is based on the YouTube channel WhitneyGoLucky.

Post Production Sound Services were provided by Sunrise Sound Services. Whitney Larson served as Supervising Sound Editor, Joseph Warner, Clarence Warner and Lorenzo Lopez as Sound Designers for Sunrise Sound Services. Naoko Shimada, Kentaro Shiozawa and Steven Phillips are claimed to be Sound Effects Editors; Somchai Boonchuy, Noriko Sato, Byung-hoon Lee and Trevor Phillips served as Assistant Sound Designers. Assistant Sound Editors were Kazue Ueno, Karishma Puar, Saeko Inagaki, Noriyuki Izumo and Sam Campbell. Hideyuki Hayashi served as the First Assistant Sound Editor, while Keiko Hayashi served as the Second Assistant Sound Editor. Foley Artists include Hiroyuki Emori and Nobuyuki Emori.


An adventurous 17-year old girl named Whitney Larson goes on a cruise with her friends back to Miitopia after a great vacation in Japan. A hurricane appears in Miitopia and it rained continuously, then they crash into a mysterious island, they need to stop Correcto and her evil minions in the jungle. So Whitney and friends escape from this island and head back to Miitopia.

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The high-pitched variant of RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO 08.

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