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Wheel of Fortune is an American long-running game show hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White since 1983. Contestants play Hangman, but it's with a twist. First, each contestant spins a giant wheel that has money amounts and prizes on it. Then, they call out a letter. If the letter's in the puzzle, their turn keeps going. But if they hit the Lose a turn wedge, bankrupt wedge (which takes away all the prizes and money), or call a wrong letter or run out of time, they lose their turn and the next player goes. Players have the options of spinning the wheel, buying a vowel ($250 each), or solving the puzzle. At the end of the game, there is a bonus round where the top winner of the day tries to solve a puzzle. He/she starts out with the letters R S T L N and E. Then, he/she needs to pick three new consonants and one new vowel. Afterwards, the contestant is given ten seconds to "talk it out", which means to solve the puzzle. If the contestant solves the puzzle in the bonus round, he/she wins a prize inside an envelope. 

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