Cartoon Intro

Original Series

The Powerpuff Girls: "Meat Fuzzy Lumkins"

Dexter's Laboratory

Yuckie Duck: "Short Orders"

Dino: "Stay Out!"

Johnny Bravo

Sledgehammer O'Possum: "Out and About"

George and Junior: "Look Out Below"

Hard Luck Duck

Shake & Flick: "Raw Deal in Rome"

The Adventures of Captain Buzz Cheeply: "A Clean Getaway"

O. Ratz with Dave D. Fly: "Rat in a Hot Tin Can"

Pfish and Chip: "Short Pfuse"

The Fat Cats: "Drip Dry Drips"

"George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular"

Yoink! of the Yukon

Yuckie Duck: "I'm on My Way"

Mina and the Count: "Interlude with a Vampire"

Cow and Chicken: "No Smoking"

Boid 'n' Woim

Jof: "Help?"

Podunk Possum: "One Step Beyond"

The Powerpuff Girls: "Crime 101"

Wind-Up Wolf

Hillbilly Blue

Courage the Cowardly Dog: "The Chicken from Outer Space"

Pizza Boy: "No Tip"


Dexter's Laboratory: "The Big Sister"

Bloo's Gang: "Bow-Wow Buccaneers"

Jungle Boy: "Mr. Monkeyman"

Godfrey & Zeek: "Lost Control"

Tumbleweed Tex: "School Daze"

Buy One, Get One Free

The Kitchen Casanova

The Ignoramooses

"Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women"

Pfish and Chip: "Blammo the Clown"

Awfully Lucky

Strange Things

Snoot's New Squat

Larry and Steve

Sledgehammer O'Possum: "What's Goin' on Back There?!"

The Zoonatiks: "Home Sweet Home"

Swamp and Tad: "Mission Imfrogable"

Dino: "The Great Egg-Scape"

Malcom and Melvin

Tales of Worm Paranoia

Malcom and Melvin: "Babe! He... Calls Me"

The Cartoon Cartoon Show

"Kenny and the Chimp: Diseasy Does It! or Chimp 'n' Pox"

"Mike, Lu & Og: Crash Lancelot"

"King Crab: Space Crustacean"

"The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Meet the Reaper"

"Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?"

"Trevor!: Journey to Sector 5-G"


"Foe Paws"

"Prickles the Cactus"

"Lucky Lydia: Club Lydia"

"Longhair and Doubledome: Good Wheel Hunting"

"Lost Cat"

"Uncle Gus: For the Love of Monkeys"

"Sheep in the Big City: In the Baa-ginning"

"Thrillseeker: Putt 'n' Perish"

"Captain Sturdy: Back in Action!"

"Yee Hah & Doo Dah: Bronco Breakin' Boots"

"IMP, Inc."

"My Freaky Family: Welcome to My World"

"Major Flake: Soggy Sale"

"Utica Cartoon: Hotdog Champeen"

"Codename: Kids Next Door — No P in the OOL"

"Swaroop: Bovine Bliss"

"Ferret and Parrot"

"Uncle Gus: Not So Fast!"

"A Kitty Bobo Show: Cellphones"

"Commander Cork: Space Ranger"

"LowBrow: Test Drive"

"Longhair and Doubledome: Where There's Smoke... There's Bob!"

"Jeffrey Cat: Claw and Order — All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven"

"Fungus Among Us"

"Colin Versus the World: Mr. Lounge Lizard"



What Cartoon Is This Shot From And What Sound Effect Is It?

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