Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

Ep. 1: The Great Campaign

Ep. 2: Second Honeymoon

Ep. 3: The Stepford Twins

Ep. 4: Leapfrog

Ep. 5: Into The Woods

Ep. 6: The Play's The Thing

Ep. 7: Wildthing

Ep. 8: The King of Uncool

Ep. 9: Lemonade Kid

Ep. 10: Summer in the City

Ep. 11: A Star Isn't Born

Ep. 12: Poster Cat

Ep. 13: Teacher of the Year

Season 2

Ep. 14: Lights, Camera, Action

Ep. 15: Jokers Wild

Ep. 16: Jellyfish Rule

Ep. 17: Get a Job

Ep. 18: Cupid's Arrows

Ep. 19: The Scoop

Ep. 20: High Toon

Ep. 21: Deep Sea Mimi

Ep. 22: Mr. Blue Eyes

Ep. 23: Outta Sync

Ep. 24: Museum Mayhem

Ep. 25: The Big Sleepover

Ep. 26: Skiing is Believing

Season 3

Ep. 27: Animal House/Our Little Einstein

"Animal House"

"Our Little Einstein"

Ep. 28: The Birthday Present/Close Encounters of the Herbert Kind

"The Birthday Present"

"Close Encounters of the Herbert Kind"

Ep. 29: Sticky Fingers/Not in My Biosphere

"Sticky Fingers"

"Not in My Biosphere"

Ep. 30: Miss Lonely Hearts/Brock's Robot

"Miss Lonely Hearts"

"Brock's Robot"

Ep. 31: Club Mimi/Down on the Farm

"Club Mimi"

"Down on the Farm"

Ep. 32: Forget Etiquette/This Old House

"Forget Etiquette"

"This Old House"

Ep. 33: Iron Guy/Critics Choice

"Iron Guy"

"Critics Choice"

Ep. 34: My Fair Brocky/Her Girl Friday

"My Fair Brocky"

"Her Girl Friday"

Ep. 35: Uniformity/Caddy Girl


"Caddy Girl"

Ep. 36: A New Leaf/Father's Day

"A New Leaf"

"Father's Day"

Ep. 37: The Creeps/Sports Day

"The Creeps"

"Sports Day"

Ep. 38: Millionaire Mogul/Block Party

"Millionaire Mogul"

"Block Party"

Ep. 39: Law & Disorder/Where's the Fire?

"Law & Disorder"

"Where's the Fire?"