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Season 1 (Smallfilms)

A Bee?

A Hat?

A Fish?

A Mole?

A Hound

Mighty Hunter

Enough for One Day

A Very Good Dog Indeed

A Prince

Season 2 (Bevanfield Films)

What-a-Mess at the Seaside

What-a-Mess Goes to School

Prince What-a-Mess

Super What-a-Mess

What-a-Mess Keeps Cool

What-a-Mess and Cynthia the Hedgehog

What-a-Mess Has a Brain Wave!

What-a-Mess and the Cat Next Door

What-a-Mess and Little Poppet

What-a-Mess Goes Camping

What-a-Mess The Beautiful

What-a-Mess Goes to Town

What-a-Mess Goes to the Vet

Season 3 (DIC Productions L.P.)

Talkin' Trash

A Bone to Pick

Midnight Snack

Schoolin' Around

The Legend of Junkyard Jones

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Home Alone...Almost

Super What-A-Mess

The Recliner

Afghan Holiday

The Bone Tree

Just Four More Left

The Ropes

What-A-Mess Has Breakfast

Prize Puppy

The Great Escape

The Scarecrow and Prince Amir


Show and Tail

I Spy, I Cry, I Try

What-A-Mess and the Hairy Monster

Trick Or Treat

My Teatime with Frank

Out With the Garbage

Dr. What-A-Mess

Ultimate What-A-Mess

This Hydrant Is Mine

Trash's Wonderful Life


The Thanksgiving Turkey

Santa What-A-Mess

Here Comes Santa Paws

All Around the Mallberry Bush

What-A-Mess at the Movies

His Royal Highness, Prince What-A-Mess

Party at Poppet's

Take Me Out to the Dog Park

The Watch Out Dog


Pound Pals

Taste Test

Slobber on a Stick

Scout's Honor

Seein' Double

Luck on His Side

What-A-Mess Keeps the Doctor Away

There's No Business Like Shoe Business

Joy Ride

Baldwin's Family Reunion

Do the Mess Around

On Vacation

Messy Encounters

Dog Days of Summer


Real Puppies Don't Meow

Invasion of the Puppy Snatchers

The Ballad of El Pero

What-a-Mess Has Lunch

Walking the Boy

Messed Up What-A-Mess

Water Mess

The Big Sleep

High-Wire Heartthrob