Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"Genius and [X] Are Two Sides of the Same Coin"

"A Fish Is to Water as a Genius Is to [X]"

"A Genius Resonates Emotionally with [X]"

"What She Wants from a Genius Is [X]"

"A Genius in the Forest Is Strayed by [X]"

"Thus, [X] Geniuses Never Learn"

"A Former Tutor's Secret Spot is [X]"

"Sometimes a Genius's Every Action Is at the Mercy of [X]"

"He Struggles with [X] in a Forbidden Zone"

"A Lost Lamb in New Territory Encounters [X]"

"An Illustrious Veteran Sometimes Serves [X]"

"Sometimes a Genius Travels Down Memory Lane with [X]"

"The Light in a Genius's Eye Is All [X]"

Season 2

"He and a Genius Each Consider a Decision Pertaining to [X]"

"At Times, an Elder's Pride Is in Direct Opposition to [X]'s Circumstances"

"With the Changing Seasons, a Genius Experiences the Sorrow of [X]"

"Sometimes a Genius Struggles with a Limited [X]"

"The Predecessor [X] with Elegance with the Missing Item on the Beach"

"A Heartfelt Gift Sometimes Becomes a Complicated [X]"

"Wherefore Might They Fathom the Aspirations of the Immediate [X]"

"A Genius Secretly Responds with [X] to Their Conjectures"

"The Flow of [X] Never Ends..."

"The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of [X] (Part 1)"

"The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of [X] (Part 2)"

"[X] Descends Like Wildfire at the Festival's Beginning"

"[X] Treads a Thorny Path as the Festivities Continue..."

"A Post-Festival Celebration of [X], Both Dazzling And Lonely"

"Church Bells Blessing [X]"