Season 1

"The Rise of Voltron": "Part 1: The New Alliance"

"The Rise of Voltron": "Part 2: From Days of Long Ago"

"The Rise of Voltron": "Part 3: Defenders of the Universe"

"Some Assembly Required"

"Return of the Gladiator"

"Fall of the Castle of Lions"

"Tears of the Balmera"

"Taking Flight"

"Return to the Balmera"


"Crystal Venom"

"Collection and Extraction"

"The Black Paladin"

Season 2

"Across the Universe"

"The Depths"

"Shiro's Escape"

"Greening the Cube"

"Eye of the Storm"

"The Ark of Taujeer"

"Space Mall"

"The Blade of Marmora"

"The Belly of the Weblum"

"Escape from Beta Traz"

"Stayin' Alive"

"Best Laid Plans"


Season 3

"Changing of the Guard"

"Red Paladin"

"The Hunted"

"Hole in the Sky"

"The Journey"

"Tailing a Comet"

"The Legend Begins"

Season 4

"Code of Honor"


"Black Site"

"The Voltron Show!"

"Begin the Blitz"

"A New Defender"

Season 5

"The Prisoner"

"Blood Duel"


"Kral Zera"


"White Lion"

Season 6

"Omega Shield"

"Razor's Edge"

"Monsters & Mana"

"The Colony"

"The Black Paladins"

"All Good Things"

"Defender of All Universes"

Season 7

"A Little Adventure"

"The Road Home"

"The Way Forward"

"The Feud!"

"The Ruins"

"The Journey Within"

"The Last Stand, Part 1"

"The Last Stand, Part 2"

"Know Your Enemy"

"Heart of the Lion"

"Trial By Fire"

"Lions' Pride, Part 1"

"Lions' Pride, Part 2"

Season 8

"Launch Date"


"The Prisoner's Dilemma"

"Battle Scars"

"The Grudge"


"Day Forty-Seven"

"Clear Day"

"Knights of Light, Part 1"

"Knights of Light, Part 2"

"Uncharted Regions"

"The Zenith"

"The End is the Beginning"


"Voltron Vlogs: Coran"

"Voltron Vlogs: Keith"

"Voltron Vlogs: Allura"

"Voltron Vlogs: Lance"

"Voltron Vlogs: Pidge"

"Voltron Vlogs: Hunk"

"Voltron Vlogs: Shiro"

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