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Since I only posted this in a message thread, I will post it as a thread.

It's time for another Good Idea and Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Making shows or movies in academy ratio/fullscreen for 4:3 standard TVs, and cropping it in widescreen for 16:9 HDTVs. I prefer this since viewing it in 4:3 has nothing missing on the video, which is only cropped out when viewing in 16:9.

Bad Idea: Making shows or movies in widescreen for 16:9 HDTVs, and cropping it in fullscreen for 4:3 standard TVs. I'm fine with whatever made in widescreen, but I hate when they crop it to fit 4:3 which looses information on the sides. Most TV shows from the 2000's made in widescreen can only be views in cropped fullscreen, with the original widescreen versions mostly hard to find.

Good Idea (Left)
Bad Idea (Right)

The End