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About my dog

Roxanne Ruby "Roxy" Larson is Whitney Larson's pet dog. She is the 2nd mascot of WhitneyGoLucky. She is born on January 6, 2012. We first got Roxy in March 2012 from my mom's friend's house.


SFX she likes!

  • Tom Scream: I think the Tom Scream is so funny and it cracks me up whenever I watch the 1940's and 1950's Tom and Jerry cartoons.

SFX she is neutral with

SFX she dislikes!


  • Real door knocking sounds: She starts barking when she hears someone knock on the door. Sometimes I have to pick her up when I open up the door.
  • Apple iPhone - Opening Ringtone: Her ears are up whenever she hears it from my mom or dad's phones.

The One Sound that ATTACKS and TRIGGERS her...

  • iPhone Ding Sound (Her Arch-Nemesis): Everytime she hears this sound, her ears are up and she is shocked. The note on the iPhone Ding Notification is "C".

It goes: "Diiiiing!". It's like an echoing ding.

She also hates toy guns, yardworkers, random people outside (I actually like to pick up Roxy and make her stare at people which makes her bark and growl.), kids screaming (especially my brother Rex and his friend Jamieson.)