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Hello there!

I wanted to draw your attention to a 2 week quality of life bug fixing project we’re undertaking as we work through a ton of great feedback we got about the new unified experience we unveiled at Community Connect last weekend. This work will focus on bugs which haven’t risen to critical fix levels while the engineering teams have been heads down on the unified experience work, like features not quite working the way they’re intended or the way they used to on the legacy platform.

You can read more about it this blog, but what I’m specifically reaching out about is seeing if you have any particular bugs that are really annoying but not site breaking and may have not been reported yet. We have an opportunity to get bugs like that triaged and incorporated into this project, so if that’s the case, please include below the following to help us work on these issues:

  • Describe the bug in as much detail as possible
  • What browser are you using?
  • Which editor are you using? Visual editor - source mode (otherwise known as 2017 editor)? Source editor (otherwise known as 2010 editor)? Visual editor? You can check your Preferences if you are unsure of which
  • Did this happen on mobile or desktop?
  • Importantly, please include detailed steps to reproduce the problem such as screenshots, links, videos etc - these are super useful

Please note this is for bugs on the site, rather than content issues on the wiki.

This is your opportunity to get a quick fix to everyday annoyances while the teams are in full bug squashing mode, so let me know quickly!