Soundeffects Wiki

Hello, I have been looking for the sound effects used in Courage the Cowardly Dog, specifically the car sounds used for Eustace's Truck. None of the sounds are listed on the page currently, so I was wondering if someone here could identify the sounds. I recorded all of my findings and compiled them into one audio file.

I actually recorded the first one from "Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars". 

I amplified some of the sounds for clarity, and here's a list I made for the sounds I need help identifying.

  • Tire Screeches (Only one is listed on the page)
  • Engine Revs heard at 0:32 & 0:52
  • Engine Starting heard at 0:00 & 0:04
  • The Gear Grind heard at 0:32  Found it here:,_Transmission_Gear_Gr_PE076301

  • Idle Sounds at 0:41
  • Engine Running at 0:08, 0:17, and 0:42

I've been looking for these for a while now, and if all of these can be identified it will be much obliged.