Hey there.

So, I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I guess it's time to ask.

Do any of you remember the Series 6000 promo/preview on Youtube? Well, there was one part of the video in particular that I was trying to look for.

The narrator says at the 7 minute, and 58 second mark (Link : https://youtu.be/OtErD91Yycw?t=298), that there is a collection of foley effects/SFX done by Skywalker Sounds.

But for some reason, the Skywalker collection is nowhere to be seen.

And I was wondering if there was any place to see this collection, since I can't find it anywhere.

But if it just so happens to possibly be one of Series 6000's extension packs, and am not aware of, then please leave a comment on this blog post here



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