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Would anyone like to help identify the names and/or origins of several sounds that I've been wondering about for sometime now? .OGG files might be uploaded for some of these in the future. This post will be updated with new unknown sounds whenever I think of any others I've been wondering.

My Holy Grails

  • "Cartoon Woozy Sound", a sound effect heard in numerous cartoons, although I mostly affiliate it with 2015-present episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. The earliest I've heard this was in an episode of Super Mario World (TV series). Likely a Sound Ideas effect, probably on Series 4000, although I haven't found it there yet.
  • A set of jews harp sounds I call "Cartoon Jews Harp Boings", also used often by Jeff Hutchins, the sound designer and editor on SpongeBob. The earliest I've heard these was in the 1980 film Popeye with Robin Williams, and these would later find their way into Horta Editorial's library. Potentially obscure Hanna-Barbera effects, as these were used on The Tom & Jerry Kids Show.
  • What I call "Cartoon String Twangs", a series of boings I've heard in a few places, including The New Three Stooges and this Sesame Street insert. There's a funny "bwoomp!" sound heard for a basketball bouncing I'd like to know the source of as well.
  • What I like to call "Horta-Hacienda Violin Scrape", a short string instrument slide frequently used by Jeff Hutchins in Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob, but also sometimes used by Horta Editorial and Digital Audio Design (especially the latter). This is more than likely originally a Horta/Hacienda Post effect, but I wonder if it's on some library, as I've heard this on some of Ross Bollinger's Pencilmation cartoons - unless they just converted Myles Moss' YouTube upload of that sound to an mp3 or something.
  • Another boing sound I call "Cartoon Short Guitar Boing", used frequently on the old 50s cartoon Col. Bleep, but also used by Famous Studios. What appears to be a doctored version of this sound can be heard multiple times in this Sesame insert. Probably originally a Famous Studios effect.
  • A police siren/car horn sequence heard in the Ren and Stimpy pilot short Big House Blues. The horns remind me of something out of Disney's library, but they might've not been recorded for them originally.
  • A series of violin slides heard in the Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production episode "Bugsbarian", for which I recently added screencaps for in the gallery for that show. These might be original Advantage recordings, but they may be on some obscure stock library. Could they be on Cartoon Express or something?
  • That woodblock (?) sound effect used for SpongeBob in "Bummer Vacation" when Krabs keeps telling him to back up "a little more". Might be H-B but not 100% sure.
  • A weird man yell heard from SpongeBob in "Fear of a Krabby Patty". Likely an older effect, possibly on the International library.
  • A bunch of synth zips heard in the Polaris: Player Select/"Player Select (word of caution: contrary to what the promos say, this is NOT a "general audience program"!) in the episode "Chadboard Box". I bet these are something from some really obscure stock library (or even a royalty-free one like AudioJungle). At least one of these sounded Series 4000-ish, but there's a low probability of these being from there, the only stock SFX I recognize in these are from the Premiere Edition Vol. 1 and Valentino, plus two H-B sounds and one Universal effect.

Others I'm Interested In Identifying

  • SpongeBob's stomach growling in "Rock Bottom". Is this something Jeff came up with, himself?
  • A vocal effect that's somebody's imitation of a crow cawing that shows up in the Ren and Stimpy episode "Black Hole". I'd like to think that's originally a custom Spumco effect.
  • A bird chirping sound used for Ed Bighead in the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Keeping Up with the Bigheads" I don't think I've heard anywhere else.  Likely an original Horta effect.
  • "Cartoon Boing 3", a jews harp sound I've heard in some episodes of Inspector Gadget, specifically from those edited by who I call "Audio Team B", since they didn't do as much episodes as the other audio editing team who worked on the show in its first season. It's obviously a slowed-down edit of another effect, but I don't know which.
  • That synth accordion effect used for Patrick in "Naughty Nautical Neighbors".
  • That "do-WEENG!" effect heard in the SB episode "Insecurity Guards" when Squidward realizes he can sneak his paintings into the museum with SpongeBob and Patrick working there. Possibly an original effect created by Jeff.
  • "Shiny Sound 2", a classic anime accent sound Jeff sometimes uses, but is primarily used by his mentor Joel Valentine The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack. Primal, etc.). Also heard in several anime like "Dragon Ball Z," and even in one episode of Amphibia. This might be on The Producer's Sound Effects Library, but we'll have to wait until "BigIdeas70258" examines the "Sci-Fi" effects on the library to see.
  • A crowd sound heard in the Ren and Stimpy episode The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, accenting the shot of the babes. I'd like to think this is something from the Horta vaults.
  • A couple of SFX I'm curious about I heard in the "Tiny Toons" short "Elmyra at the Mall": a bell clang heard when our protagonist gets an idea at the beginning and a castanet sound heard for some animals trembling. I might add images for these two sounds sometime.
  • "Horta Wobbles", those warbly sounds frequently used by Jeff Hutchins and the Horta Editorial/Hacienda Post team. I suppose these might be originally created for Horta's library, but Jeff Shiffman also used these in "Kick Buttowski." There's a possibility these are stock sounds, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • A few SFX to note in the Mickey Mouse short "Yodelberg": a squeaky toy sound used for Mickey nodding, a ruler "boink" sound used for him pointing at one point in the cartoon, a bomb whistle used for the burp gas being launched, and an ascending whistle used for Mickey rising up to the mountain. The ruler sound might be one of those Advantage effects created for The Fairly OddParents, but I can't confirm that.
  • This weird squeezing sound heard a couple of times in the Looney Tune Soup or Sonic, first accenting Wile E. changing his "?" to an "!," second used for Wile E. and his giant firecracker slumping.
  • That sound used for Stan's telephone ringing in Gravity Falls.
  • A sound that I'm not sure how to describe, but it's used for Stimpy raising his brows in "Nurse Stimpy".
  • A few slide whistle sounds heard in "SpongeBob" I'm wondering about, specifically all those newer ones heard in mainly 2015-present episodes, and a few older-sounding whistles heard in "To Save a Squirrel" when SpongeBob and Patrick faint and in "Summer Job" when the Krabby Patty flies up into the air and lands on a customer's table.
  • A skidding sound heard in the Mickey Mouse short "Year of the Dog" that I've heard in many of the Chuck Jones-produced Tom & Jerry shorts.