The reason I'm making this blog post is because there's an obscure series of SFX albums that have picqued my interest as of late, namely from a label which called themselves Robert Hall Productions. I know absolutely nothing about these, but I imagine these releases are from the 1960s or so. Here's a link to the label's page on the Discogs database:

The main reason I'm interested in these is because I'd like to find out if the effects on these are anything familar that any of us'll recognize. I'm especially interested in this album, labelled "Fun Effects". Obviously these are cartoony effects, but I wish I knew if the sounds on this album are original or if they're just your usual old effects from Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Jay Ward or somewhere else. These are also of interest, especially RH-51/52. I've got a theory that one of the cuts was used in some of the Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry shorts, and I'd like to somehow confirm that. I do have access to some of these albums, but only a few generously shared by somebody on the Library Music Themes forum (nothing of familarity on those, all original stuff), plus this unlisted sampler record. Some of these are unfamilar, but the one I recognize from a library is Hollywoodedge, Cuckoo Clock Chime CRT2043401, originally an Elektra Records effect, although it actually originated from some company known as "FAX Sound Service", whoever they are.

Obviously, I'd buy these myself if I had the cash necessary, but unfortunately I do not. If anyone here's willing to bid on one of these (there's also many for sale on Discogs, but don't ask for rips, please - that's against the Terms of Service) - or actually has copies of these lying around, please let me know. I'm really intrigued by these albums.

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