Soundeffects Wiki

This is an idea for a library I've had for a while and decided to share it with you all. Basically, what I'd like do is assemble and distribute a royalty-free library of vintage sound effects that aren't currently available from Sound Ideas or the Hollywood Edge, so none of the sounds on say, the H-B or Rocky and Bullwinkle libraries will be on here. The sounds on Carlin Production Music: Shorts/Solo Instruments and FX, however, might, as they're not on a real sound effects library and I suspect Carlin had access to more sounds than what's on the album. If that's the case I'd like to release those. Most of the sounds I'd like to release might be unfamiliar to most, but I'd love to get out a lot of the rare H-B, WB, Disney, etc. sounds that aren't on their respective libraries. Here's a list of some the sounds that I'd love to find for release on this set (excluding all the vintage sounds included on the Carlin album):

Among these, I'd like to release any other classic sounds from the following sources that don't have their own pages here as of this writing:

  • Chuck Jones/SIB Tower 12
  • Cinesound (?)
  • Disney
  • Famous Studios
  • Filmation/Horta-Mahana
  • Gene Deitch (?) (Unlikely, Gene actually told me in a comment on "Cartoon Research" that most of them probably have been lost or destroyed)
  • Jay Ward/Joe Siracusa
  • whatever stock library or post service Larry Harmon and Cambria Productions used
  • Major Records/Thomas J. Valentino
  • Phil Kaye/TV Spots/Creston Studios
  • Rankin/Bass (I don't know how much of their sounds were original, though. There are some cartoony sounds I've heard in "Tales of the Wizard of Oz" and "Mad Monster Party," however, which might be.)
  • whatever library Rich Harrison used when he was at Jones' studio
  • Standard Sound Effects
  • T.V.C. (British studio who did work for the "Beatles" cartoon and animated "Yellow Submarine.") (?)
  • UPA
  • Walter Lantz (?)
  • Warner Bros.
  • possibly other studios as well

I imagine some of these will be pretty easy to obtain, especially certain H-B, WB or Disney sounds that are still used in modern media to this day. However I really don't know who might have tape copies of a lot of these, although I imagine the Jay Ward "cannon firing" might be an easy one to find because it was used by a number of studios and post services who used the Ward library.

If there are any older sounds that anyone of you have been intrigued by or love and would like to see released on a sound library, please write them down in the comments and I'll see what I can do when I start making this library. I might actually end up doing just a "cartoon" library, but a general/Foley library would be fine too, depending on how many sounds I end up with.