Soundeffects Wiki

Since I want to do quite a bit of sound editing someday, I've put together a little something detailing how I'd handle the sound design should I be assigned to do anything with certain properties.

Looney Tunes:

  • Good amount of Disney SFX as well, as WB DID use a number of Disney effects in their classic shorts
  • Small amount of H-B and Jay Ward, plus other vintage SFX sources (e.g. a few riccos, maybe, a few general effects, small number of ‘toon sounds from H-B, small smattering of recordings from Jay Ward)
  • I wouldn’t be against using certain sounds just because they’ve got a connection to certain WB directors (e.g. much of the SFX used in the Jones-era MGM projects and certain H-B sounds DePatie-Freleng used)
  • Almost no foley?
  • Exclusively vintage effects, for the most part (except for mostly the Russell Brower WB sounds and a few other misc. sounds?)
  • Not much newer effects (e.g. Series 6000, Premiere Edition Vol. 1)
  • Above all: make the cartoons CARTOONY. The classic adventures of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were never realistic in terms of sound design.

Tiny Toon Adventures/Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain:

  • Virtually the same as what I'd do for the classic WB cartoons - but I'd probably sprinkle in certain other sounds from other sources, as the sound effects heard in these shows often weren't rooted from the Warner Bros. library. I might even make a commitment to ONLY use effects that were either part of the classic WB library, created by Russell Brower for WB's library or otherwise in Robert Hargreaves' library at some point.

Disney (plus the new Mickey shorts):

  • Try to exclusively use Disney sound effects, ‘nuff said. And that means ANYTHING Disney used in their projects from the 1930s to about sometime in the 80s, with the exception of probably the PE/Soundelux cat yowls and crowd gasp. I’ll have to think about if I want to use the sounds heard in The Black Cauldron (1985), though.


  • Use exclusively H-B sounds (duh). Disney or WB effects just don’t fit the antics of Yogi or Scooby - besides, well, the ones that H-B themselves used.
  • Keep the sound effects CARTOONY. The Flintstones never sounded realistic.

Pink Panther (plus other DePatie-Freleng characters like the Inspector):

  • Use mostly WB sounds, with only a small amount of H-B and Jay Ward (e.g. WIND WHISTLE SCAT, QUICK WHISTLE ZIP OUT, HIGH an’ a few others from H-B, METAL CRASH AND TINKLE 01, the explosion/crash and a few others from Jay Ward)


  • Same as the Pink Panther, but have the H-B, WB and Jay Ward SFX used a lot more evenly.

DIC properties (namely Inspector Gadget or Heathcliff):

  • Stick to using the Hanna-Barbera effects, with the exception of a few other sounds, like the Taz Spin.

Ren and Stimpy:

  • Use mostly H-B sounds, along with a good-sized smattering of sounds from other sources, namely from Cartoon Trax, Premiere Edition Series 1000 and 4000 (although I'd only be using a few cartoon and general sounds from the latter, though. Most of them, namely the zips just wouldn't fit IMO), along with several additional effects from the Horta Editorial/Hacienda Post archives.
  • Use mostly older sounds?
  • Use the franchise as an outlet to really get creative - find some unorthodox use for certain effects.

SpongeBob SquarePants:

  • Try to to emulate Jeff Hutchins' editing style as close as possible - and use many of the effects he likes using more than others very frequently.

Star Wars:

  • ONLY use Lucasfilm/Skywalker Sound sound effects, enough said. Constantly use the movies and TV series as reference in terms of sound design - or even get some of the Skywalker creatives themselves (like Ben Burtt or Randy Thom) as consultants. If a sound effect was never in the Skywalker library - I'm not using it.

Tom & Jerry:

  • Mostly MGM and Hanna-Barbera effects, but I wouldn't mind also using effects used in the Deitch and Jones shorts sporadically - there are people who like those, y'know.

If there's anything you're curious as to how I'd handle SFX design for, let me know and I'll maybe mention them in a part 2.