Soundeffects Wiki

I never thought I'd blog here again, but here I am two years later! My SFX library choices are outdated, so I thought I'd give them a second chance. I also updated which SFX libraries I should use by making this image.

My SFX list.png

Peculiar thing is that a lot of the rare SFX have never even been used in modern media recently; so I thought I'd include my fanmade "Gold Record Special Edition SFX" library as a necessary way to use them again. I also love too that I'm adding new choices on which SFX libraries I will primarily use. In a sound designer's perspective, this image will show you why.

On the contrary, I think I might mention which SFX libraries for those who can't see any small images.

Sound Effects Libraries I'll Primarily Use

Sound Effects Libraries I'll Occasionally Use

Sound Effects Libraries I'll Never Use

So, I think that's all.