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Alex Roman's Top 5 Favorite SFX Libraries.

These are five libraries that I like best because of that I find amazing about these libraries. This is not in a particular order!

Notice: For those of you reading who disagree with one or more libraries, that is totally ok by me.

-Regards, Alex Roman.

  • 1. The Premiere Edition Volume 1 - (Hollywoodedge) I like this library because some, if not many of the animal sounds are tamer than some of these in the Series 6000 library. My favorite kid's show is Rubbadubbers, and the fart used in Terence the Shopkeeper is a PEV1 sound effect. I also like the chimp screams, because it reminds me of Disney's Animal Kingdom and Donkey Kong. 

  • 2.  Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library - (Sound Ideas Canada) I like that library because some of the sounds are nostalgic and make me feel like I am in some of the HB cartoons. My 2nd favorite cartoon is Heathcliff, where it virtually only uses HB sounds. I respect User:Jacobjohn55's opinion on most HB sound effects.
  • 3. Animal Trax (Hollywoodedge) - Some of my favorite chimpanzee, elephant, big cat, and hyena sound effects live in this library. 
  • 4. Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library (Sound Ideas Canada) - Some of its SFX are very cool. My favorites are the boings (especially the jew's harp and space boings), high train whistle, the ping warble flexitone SFX, the monkey, cat, third donkey hee haw (so fun to listen to), and you know.
  • 5.  Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library (Sound Ideas Canada) - The squeaks heard in Rubbadubbers episode, Train Driver Tubb, are in this library. I also like the anvil hit, the elephant trumpet, and the bubble pops from the same library.


Europe Edition (Hollywoodedge) - My favorite tiger sound effect, which is my all-time favorite sound effect is in this library!!! <3<3<3:D:D:D:D