Soundeffects Wiki

Hey people, this is Alex Roman here, and I will share my opinion on common (or otherwise) stock sound effects heard in media today.


Hit or Miss


  • Sound Ideas, HORSE - EXTERIOR: WHINNY, ANIMAL 06 - Ugh, it's that strong and swift tone that bugs me about this sound. Let's not forget that it's getting old as it was done to death in many modern history/fantasy films like those movies you watched in History class in middle/high school (i.e. Braveheart (1995)). I prefer Sound Ideas, HORSE - INTERIOR: WHINNY, ANIMAL 02/01 and non-Series 6000 horse noises.
  • Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02/01 - This, especially the 2nd sample, is hands down, the most annoying cow sound ever. It's the descent that annoys me the most and tons of TV and shows use it and it especially runs rampant in preschool shows. I sometimes used to cry after hearing this noise. I prefer the cow sounds from Premiere Edition 1, Animal Trax, Super Single, and Hanna Barbera.

The Worst one of them All

  • Sound Ideas, BIRD, ROOSTER - MORNING CALL, ANIMAL 01 - OH MY GOSH!!! No words can describe how godawful this one is!!! It's shrill, piercing (like a drill going through your brain), all that. It's so bad!! DX DX. I used to cry after hearing this sound effect, especially by accident!!!! Even worse, there's another copy of this sound effect in its library. UGH!! It's so sad that Nelvana shows overuse this dumpster fire. I also heard it from cuccos when my brother played Ocarina of Time. This one sucks @**. It gives Baby Kate and CTAY a run for their money.