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Hi guys, this is Alex Roman here, and I'm sharing media in which I heard Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02. Everyone on this wiki should be able to recognize this effect.

I personally do not like this sound effect myself, but this isn't for complaining, but rather, to show my personal experience throughout the years. To all my fellow wiki users who do like this sound, this is nothing against you because obviously, everyone is different in their own special way.

Notice: If you want to copy and paste this list with another sound you hate, please ask me on my message wall first.

My list so far includes media that I heard naturally and not Transpose.

The List

Here we are, the main point of this post. Here is the list, and I will tell you all the pieces of media I know so far in which I heard this sound effect without any further ado. Here we go.

Transpose Only