Going Golf (FlipaClip Short)

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Going Golf is my first FlipaClip short that I made and uploaded to YouTube.


Lars the Cat wants to play golf, but when he hits the club, it is way more than just a hit on the club.

The ball travels out into the sea to get eaten by a shark, and then by a whale who blows the ball into an UFO, which takes the ball into space.

Upon arrival on Mars, a cannon appears on the UFO and shoots the golf ball out, hitting three aliens' heads, and then into a hole into another cannon, which shoots it out into a boing box which sends it flying back into Earth.

The ball lands in a safari park, sliding down a mountain slope, and then into a lake with crocodiles, frogs, and hippopotamus. The ball hits a frog head, then the hippo head, and then the other frog's head, and then progresses into an elephant, who captures the ball and sends it flying to the hole where Lars is standing.

Once the ball enters the hole, Lars becomes triumphant.

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