This is Alex Roman. I am venting how I dislike these two SFX community liars so much.

The decievers are as follows.


I was searching up SFX pages one day and somehow stumbled upon my favorite kid show, Rubbadubbers on that page.

I watched the episodes before and I have found no memory of that sound effect in that episode.

I seen other SFX pages saying that Rubbadubbers used that sound effect, and yet I have no memory of hearing that sound in that episode.

I checked the history of these pages and I determined that Draven.fuldauer.1 has added that show to SFX pages, mainly those from cartoon libraries, especially Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros.

For example, the Hollywoodedge, Low Pitched Squeak CRT049301 page had Rubbadubbers listed and it said (heard once in "Tubb the Magician"). While I had no memory of that sound's usage in Rubbadubbers, I re-eatched that episode to confirm if it was genuine or if it was bullcaca. I told Jacobjohn55 that it was false info, and so I told him to block him permanently, and that ultimately led me to my reign as admin.

Not only was Draven notorious for adding Rubbadubbers to random SFX pages, whether or not his information was actually true, he done the same thing to Puppy Dog Pals, Sitting Ducks, The Wild (2006), as well as Mopatop's Shop, and because of how disappointed I was with him in that he lied about stock SFX and Rubbadubbers, his contributions kinda ruined Mopatop's Shop for me, despite oddly enough that I never watched a full episode of that show.

One thing I find to be worse about him is that he added that godforsaken show to an Animal Trax cow moo page and said it was used in Farmer Sploshy and he spelled it as Farmer Sploosy! What the hell!? I watched that episode and I don't remember hearing any stock animal sound effects in that episode.

The only redeeming quality that I see of him is that sometimes, he was at least partially tight about some things. For example, he added that show to a Cartoon Trax chicken sound page and said it was used in "Farmer Sploshy". That episode did not have that sound effect, "Sploshy's Wishes" did, however, use that sound.

Jonard Sims Sonario

While I don't know if he has an account on this wiki, he does use YouTube.

What he does is make fake sound effects moments by using clips from The Simpsons.

For example, in his video where the 2nd Series 6000 cow moo was used in "E My Sports", and I almost believed that these episodes have it.

When I watched a different video by that user about the H-B elephant sound in a Simpsons clip and when I heard the elephant sound, it sounded obvious it was a clip of an elephant sound from another video, which proved that Jonard tricks people into thinking SFX that aren't in The Simpsons somehow used them.

I later watched "E My Sports" videos from another user for confirmation whether the cow sound was used in that episode. I found out it was not, which yet proves that Jonard is a liar!

I found a bunch of other Simpsons SFX moments by that user and I am so disappointed with him that he gives Kristopher Taylor, Emily Flatley, and even Draven Fuldauer a run for their money!

At least Draven didn't get away with uploading fake Rubbadubbers SFX moments on YouTube.

That concludes my rant.

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