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NunyaBizness545 NunyaBizness545 4 May

update to Kasey Kinderbot sfx

Well, I couldn't really identify any Hollywood Edge/Sound Ideas sounds Kasey uses, but I did find this video: all of Kasey's sound effects files playing through! I am hoping the editors here would be willing to identify them because I have no idea which of the many sounds that are databased here actually made it in Kasey. Watch and enjoy!

Page link: Kasey the Kinderbot

Video link: (sounds heard starting at 0:10 and end at 1:08)


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NunyaBizness545 NunyaBizness545 21 April

Kasey the Kinderbot sfx...?

Hello! I saw a couple videos of the 2002 Fisher-Price toy Kasey the Kinderbot. I am curious about the sounds the robot supplies, they sound familiar. I have only seen videos of Kasey (I personally don't have him) so if anyone could identify SFX for Kasey the Kinderbot, let me know! I will create a blank page as well.

Page: Kasey the Kinderbot

Here are some videos of Kasey:


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