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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 3 July 2021

Fix up Looney Tunes Sound Effect Artiels

Everyone, we need to keep focusing on those Looney Tunes SFX Articles.

We still need sound effects audio samples for:

WB Tire Skid


Rocket Sounds

Zooming Sound Effects


Also, we need to work on adding more images for sound effects that have not been provided to articles that have been added yet.

What's Opera, Doc?

Zoom and Bored

Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z

There They Go-Go-Go!

Scrambled Aches

Guided Muscle

Hare-Way to the Stars

Ali Baba Bunny

Rocket Squad

To Hare Is Human

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 24 October 2020

Idea Proposal: Image Gallery Pages for Shorts

On the SFX Resource Wiki, we make Image Gallery Articles for theatrical shorts, episodes, movies, video games and sound effects in general.

So while I was in exile, I've done some thinking and...

Why won't we do the same for this wiki?

It could work. And that way, no one would get in trouble for breaking the simplest rules.

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 9 June 2020

The Reason why the SFX Resource was Made

The reason the SFX Resource was made as an alternatve wiki to that of the original SFX Wiki.

Because due to the fact that the SFX Wiki has such strict rules, like image galleriy rules and such, The SFX Resource provides a better alternative to image galleries: By having only one image gallery page for any episode, movie, short or Sound Effect Article there are. (Even though the Image Gallery Feature doesn't exactly work right for some unknown reasons.)

In any case, if for some reason you've been banned from the original SFX Wiki, there's always the alternative SFX Wiki:

The SFX Resource

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 15 November 2019

Official Discord Server

Since nobody could make a Discord Server based on this wiki, I decided to make one:

If any of you would like to help out with this server, come on over!

But this invite lasts only one day.

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 17 December 2018

I apologize

To everyone on this wiki:

I am very sorry for adding fake title cards on this wiki. 

I did not know that this was not allowed up until now.

For now on, I will watch what I post and confer it with the other admins. 

In addition to that, I will also make sure that when I put in the gallery seciton, I will make sure to label it as "Image Gallery".

So that it won't be as confusing. both of these

I will keep an eye on any other rules that are important to this wiki.

Thank you. Please forgive me. 

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