Soundeffects Wiki

Hey, guys! James here and here's my influences for my sound design.

Bill Weisbach

I grew up with Baby Einstein, and I love Bill's work there. I look up to his other work too, like the Wanderoos (educational game series), Around the Time (an independent film), and more. He's also an inspiration for my music too.

Amalgamated Sound and Picture

This post-production studio is amazing. They did work for shows like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, LarryBoy, and more. The fact they can do a cartoony/anime hybrid is awesome.

Robert David Sanders

This guy is great at sound design. He even used the Club Penguin sounds in the SFX Kit. Well, some of them.

Kip Kuepper and Scott Roche

Man, those guys are great at sound design. My sound design style is a cross between theirs, Amalgamated, and Bill's.

Jeff Hutchins

While I'm not a fan of his older style of sound design much, his newer style is impressive.