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Hi everybody!

This is a serious thing we need to talk about. A thing regarding our tastes on SFX. There are some sfx you think are overused, annoying, or cliched, and that's your tastes and I respect your opinions on that. However, there's a big problem of handling hate that's common in this wiki and it needs to stop starting now. People on this wiki are complaining about the sfx they hate, attacking innocent sound designers, and calling them names. All because one sound effect. Honestly, this needs to stop right this second. Instead of complaining, attacking, and name calling, you should let sound designers choose what sfx that appeals to their tastes. We sound designers have the right to use those sfx. I don't care if it's overused, cliched, or annoying it is. It's their tastes and not yours. If anything, there should be a new rule on this wiki. I'm no admin on this wiki, but I think the rule should be a thing. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever attack or name call sound designers over a sound effect or complain about that sound effect. No matter how overused, cliched, or annoying you thind that sound is. Thanks for understanding and hope this rule becomes a thing.


James Dahlbender.

PS: Do not ban me for this. I'm trying to help you guys.