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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 3 August 2021

James's Influences for Sound Design

Hey, guys! James here and here's my influences for my sound design.

  • 1 Bill Weisbach
  • 2 Amalgamated Sound and Picture
  • 3 Robert David Sanders
  • 4 Kip Kuepper and Scott Roche
  • 5 Jeff Hutchins

I grew up with Baby Einstein, and I love Bill's work there. I look up to his other work too, like the Wanderoos (educational game series), Around the Time (an independent film), and more. He's also an inspiration for my music too.

This post-production studio is amazing. They did work for shows like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, LarryBoy, and more. The fact they can do a cartoony/anime hybrid is awesome.

This guy is great at sound design. He even used the Club Penguin sounds in the SFX Kit. Well, some of them.

Man, those guys are great at sound design. My sound design style is a cr…

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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 8 June 2021

HHPAY Sound Libraries

Hey guys! Here's the sound libraries Amaglamated Sound and Picture used for Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. If you know what other libraries were used in the show, please let me know.

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Animal Trax
  • Animation Collection
  • Audience Reactions I
  • Background Trax
  • BBC Sound Effects Library - Second Edition
  • Busted FX and Most Wanted
  • Cartoon Express
  • Cartoon Trax 1
  • Citi Trax
  • Digiffects
  • The Edge Edition 1
  • The General Series 6000
  • Hanna Barbera
  • Hanna Barbera Lost Tresures
  • The International
  • Just Birds and Animals I
  • Lucasfilm
  • The Premiere Edition 1 + 2
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  • SDC
  • Series 1000
  • Series 2000
  • Series 3000: Ambience
  • Series 4000: Hollywood
  • Series 6000 Extension I + II + IV
  • Series 7000: Ambience II
  • Series 8000: Science Fiction
  • Series 9000: Open and Close
  • Series 11,0…

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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 17 February 2021

I need help identifying this Retro Arcade sound.

Hey guys! I'm looking for this arcade sound effect. It starts with an ascending blip, then a descending arpeggio. I heard that sound in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story and Elmo's World. Here's a sample from The Untold Story of Stewie Griffin. 0:15

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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 17 February 2021

An important speech (Please read)

Hi everybody!

This is a serious thing we need to talk about. A thing regarding our tastes on SFX. There are some sfx you think are overused, annoying, or cliched, and that's your tastes and I respect your opinions on that. However, there's a big problem of handling hate that's common in this wiki and it needs to stop starting now. People on this wiki are complaining about the sfx they hate, attacking innocent sound designers, and calling them names. All because one sound effect. Honestly, this needs to stop right this second. Instead of complaining, attacking, and name calling, you should let sound designers choose what sfx that appeals to their tastes. We sound designers have the right to use those sfx. I don't care if it's overused, clic…

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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 8 July 2020

The Sound Libraries I Would Use as a Sound Editor

Hey, guys! James Dahlbender here and here's the sound libraries I'll be using as a sound designer/editor under the psudeonym, "Andy Oswald."

The General Series 6000 + Ex. 1 + Ext. 6

Hanna Barbera

Warner Bros.


Unknown Sound Libraries

Just Birds and Animals I + II

The Premiere Edition 1

Pro Sound Effects Libraries

Cartoon Trax 1 

Animal Trax

Cartoon Express

Series 5000

20th Century Fox

Sony Pictures 

Super Single 

The Edge Edition

Background Trax

Series 1000

Series 2000

Series 4000

Signature Series

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Animation Collection

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