My brother made an imposter account of me! He replaced some of his info with fake info such as changing his birthyear ten years earlier, 2012 to 2002, changing his home location to sound like he was another person that dosen't live with me and changing his name to Robert Williams to not let others identify him. (WikiExpertXV luckily identified him because he used context clues.) Edu then created a page called The Adventures Of The Little Mudskipper. The page kept being deleted and Edu created the page again until he got blocked which blocked my IP adress! I wasn't able to write on the SFX Venting Thread when Edu imitated bad sfx to me. Today he imitated the elephant noise several times and I wasn't able to write on the thread. I decided to tell WikiExpertXV on another wiki and I'm finally unblocked. Then I wrote this blog. I'm okay now!

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