My Favorite Sound of all time

  • Junior getting scared

    Hollywoodedge, Old Car Horns Single CRT021302: I agree with Whitney. I used to be neutral with this sound effect but now I love it! I remember hearing this in Veggietales (I'm neutral with Veggietales but my brother loves that show) during the episode "Where's God when I'm S-Scared?" when Junior gets scared of his family photo getting neck bolts.

Sounds I like

Sounds that I'm Neutral with

Hit or miss sounds (sounds that irritate me a little)

Sounds I don't like

  • Hollywoodedge, Horses Several Whinn PE025201: This sound effects makes me feel annoyed. I sometimes cry when I hear this sound. The last time I heard it was when Edu blasted up the volume of a video Jonas was watching and the TV showed animated horses.
  • You could watch a video of the game to find out what sound I'm talking about because I don't know the name of that sound.

    Some sheep bleating sound that I don't know the name of: This sound effect annoys me a bit. I hear it in the Sago Mini Babies app in the swing game when you stretch the swing and it reaches a certain part of the backyard and a goat appears behind the fence. Here's a screen shot to give you evidence.
  • Overused owl sound screen shot in Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.

    Sound Ideas, BIRD, OWL - SINGLE OWL HOOTING, ANIMAL: After so long, I found the name! I heard it in the beginning of the Fantastic, Baby music video by Big Bang. I also remember hearing this in It's Okay to Not be Okay when the woman in the show was driving in her car at night in the woods. I even heard it when we were watching The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1986) in class! I found out it got put in We Bare Bears when looking at the image gallery for this sound effect! People treat this sound like it’s the only owl hooting sound in the world! WHY?! WHYYY?!?!?!

The Deadly 4

  • Any rooster crowing sound: I hate all the rooster crowing sounds, even real life rooster crows that are not sound effect. I start crying when I hear this sound. One time I had a nightmare of hearing Hollywoodedge, Bird Rooster 2 Crow PE021501 out of the blue when I was peacefully reading my Unico manga (I don't have a Unico manga in real life, I read it online, but in my dream, I had one.)
  • Any elephant trumpeting sound: Previously, I said I hate all rooster crows. I also hate all elephant trumpets. Even real life ones. I also cry when I hear this sound.
    • My brother also makes this noise to bother me. From 2016-2019, he made the noise by blowing threw his lips in a highish-middle-pitched voice. Now he just says "Pawoo!" in his original voice. This is the most common noise he makes to bother me while the former holder was my arch nemesis.
    • Note: I also hate any other elephant noise
    • I was crying and covering my ears the whole time at another Epcot ride called Soarin' Around the World! It used to be a Soarin' Around California which I think did not contain elephants. THANKS TO YOU, DISNEY! WHY DIDN'T YOU LET IT STAY AS SOARIN' AROUND CALIFORNIA AND NOT SOARIN' AROUND THE WORLD?!
  • Any train whistle sound: I get really annoyed by this noise. I am neutral with train horns but I hate train whistles. Like the other 2 noises, I cry when I hear this noise.
    • Also, my brother imitates this noise like the other 2. How you were expecting to see, He says it in his original voice
    • I also hate other (most not all.) train noises. I also remember being forced by my parents to go to a train ride at a Train Museum at our trip to Savannah Georgia. The noise of the train triggered me less that time. At the beginning of the ride I was crying. The engineer tried cheering me up but it did not work.  Although I love my parents, I'm kinda angry at them for forcing me to ride a ride that contains noises that I hate such as this one.
    • My least favorite train whistle is Sound Ideas, CARTOON, WHISTLE - TRAIN WHISTLE, HIGH. I cry when I hear this sound. I remember hearing this sound in Pucca: Love Recipe used on Ring Ring when steam comes out of her ears. I did not cry that time. When I was younger, I was fine with it when it was not used on a train but now, I hate it when it's used on anything else other than a train. I hate hearing that sound.

The one sound that ATTACKS and TRIGGERS me

  • Sound Ideas, CHILDREN, CROWD - SMALL STUDIO AUDIENCE OF CHILDREN: BIG CHEER, CHEERING 01: Ooooooh, I HATE THIS NOISE! IT'S SO ANNOYING! I throw a huge tantrum every time I hear it. This is how it sounds like. It sounds like probably 7 - 10 children shouting "Rehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!". Annoying, right? It has invaded 30 or 40% of children's Youtube videos! I prefer Small Group Kids Chee PE142801.
    • This used to be the most common noise he made at me. The current holder is the elephant noise! Also, This is the only children cheering noise I hate. I'm fine with other cheering noises.
    • I always have to keep control of the volume when my other brother which is a baby and is less annoying, watches his videos because this sound is commonly heard in some Youtube videos for babies and toddlers. I only let him watch Kids Learning Tube and KidsTV123 because those are baby channels that don't contain that noise. Also I don't want my more annoying brother to hear noises that he dosen't like. That's why I don't want the videos made by Hopscotch being played with the sound on when my annoying brother is with us because there's a school bell ringing sound in the beginning of their videos.
    • When I was little, I didn't know the real name of the sound effect until I found the name on it's article in this wiki. Until then it was known to me as just "The 'Yay' Sound Effect".
    • Whenever I'm on the computer, I have to play "8 HOURS of Relaxing Music for Cats and Kittens!" with the volume at the highest to prevent hearing my brother or sound effect villains when my baby brother Jonas watches his videos!

This is a Hate Letter to "The 'Yay' Sound Effect"

Dear "Yay Children", You have been ruining my Toddlerhood with your cheering noise! You have invaded 30 - 40% of children's Youtube videos being offscreen noise in Toy Unboxing videos, Toy pretend game videos, Learning videos for Toddlers and many more! I saw that you invaded a show on Netflix when my mom played an episode of Loo-Loo kids for my baby brother! It's you and some other annoying sound effects' faults for making my brother imitate you and them! Your "Rehhhhhhhhh!!!"ing noise has been bothering me since I got vaccinated when I was 3! I hope Sound Editors of children's media don't use you for media anymore!

-Your hater, Arielle Beloso

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