Hello fellow people, I decomplied this slide whistle sound effect, I'm pretty sure this is the original one but not to sure, mabey its made by Sound Ideas General 6000, I have it with me. The game file is a .sfw (Flash Game) and the game is called Nick Jr. ABC or The Alphabet with Face or Face - Alphabet. It was developed by Nickalodeon, if anybody knows what this sound effect is please leave comment down bellow, Its the original SFX that was used in Baby Dolittle: World Animals & Neighborhood Animals as well, those are the only 2 that I can remember played this specific sound effect. I looked every where searched high & low on the web & deep web, but can not find any information at all. Heres a couple of links with a time point that sound exact to the original one.



Thank You for reading my blog, have agreat rest of your day & talk soon. :)

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