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Could anyone help me to identify certain sound effects that're more or less recognizable? These involve SFX that are created and/or used by mostly Joel Valentine and Jeffrey Hutchins. I encourage comments if you have any relative information.

Sound Effects Used/Created by Joel Valentine

  • Joel Valentine Swish Sound: Heard in some Hacienda Post projects like Chowder (in addition to the pilot on which Joel did sound), SpongeBob SquarePants (Seasons 4-5, Hacienda Post/Sabre Media episodes only), and The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV Series) (referring to non-Joel episodes like "Painbow" and "Rainy Day"). Hacienda projects may use this sound in a repetitive manner (rapid swishes) with a high pitch.
  • Joel Valentine Stomach Growls: Heard in some Hacienda projects like Wander Over Yonder (referring to Season 1 episodes only with Hacienda's team) and at least one episode of Adventure Time ("It's the herald of a new snack dawn!").
  • Joel Valentine Castanet Sound: NOT to be confused with the nearly identical-sounding Sound Ideas, CARTOON, RATTLE - RATTLING, WOOD! This sound is EXCLUSIVE to the works of Joel Valentine/Twenty-First Century Entertainment, Inc. It's usually heard when a character is trembling in fear or shaking with anger or stress.
  • Hanna-Barbera/Universal explosions in Joel Valentine's work (i.e. Pre-2016 PPG, Samurai Jack, SSN 2 of Wander Over Yonder) that involve the classic "POH-WAH-WAAHHHH" H-B/Universal explosion(s). I'm not sure which exact recordings are used, since they all sound similar. I believe that the recordings of the H-B/Universal explosions that Joel uses are generally cleaner in quality than those on the Hanna-Barbera Sound Ideas library .
    • There are also really tweaked versions of this explosion that sound more gnarly/distorted; one of them was also heard in the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Rider" during the line "CURSE YOU WANDER...!" That was just Disney TVA's Eric Freeman doing sound, though, and not Joel Valentine or Hacienda Post. You could email him or ask him on Twitter if it helps.
  • Joel Valentine Explosion Sounds in Big City Greens (i.e. "Cyberbullies") and Season 5 of Samurai Jack that are not those H-B/Universal or general stock sound effects.
  • Joel Valentine or Classic Anime Explosions: These're 2 other classic-sounding sounds that're used for explosions, crashes, and big footsteps in Joel's work. One has this quick "KREESH!"-like start, and the other has a subtle "prah!" sound near the end (The "prah!" part sounds similar to but shorter than Sound Ideas, RICOCHET - CARTOON RICCO 04/03). These sounds are heard often in the works of Joel Valentine, like Samurai Jack and Pre-2016 PPG episodes for buildings or structers crashing, thunderous rumbles/footsteps, and/or explosions. I think, though, that they're something classic like H-B/Universal, but I'm not sure.

By the way, any other sound effects to list from other Joel Valentine projects like "Yo Yogi!", "Sym-Bionic Titan", "Big City Greens", and etc.?

Sound Effects Used/Created by Jeff Hutchins

  • Jeff Hutchins Stomach Growls: There're many kinds of stomach growls that Jeff uses in his work, namely SpongeBob SquarePants and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.
    • Episodes of Spongebob like "Growth Spouts", "Pineapple Fever" and "The Krusty Sponge" have these big, deep groan-like growls, some of which are used in Chowder (i.e. "The Thrice Cream Man").
    • There're some softer growls/groans/rumbles used in SB episodes like "Waiting" that're heard in the Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated episode "Nightfright" for Daphne's stomach.
    • The main, most common sample is a big, rumbling gurgle that may be mixed in with other stomach growls that he uses.
  • There's a light stretch/creak sound, like a rope creak, that's used for some character stretches/facial changes in SpongeBob and Flapjack too (i.e. K'nuckles gives Flapjack a look in "Skooled" after Flapjack says " love." I heard this sound sometimes in Samurai Jack (i.e. EPISODE III when Jack pulls on bow and arrow) and the Big City Greens episode "Winner Winner" (early part when Gramma Alice is struggling to move). I'm not sure if this's a Hollywoodedge sound or specifically in Jeff's library.
  • That big, cork-like "POP!" sound Jeff uses very often in Spongebob since Season 4 or 5. It's used sometimes in Flapjack too. It's also used in the Itchy & Scratchy shorts in The Simpsons too, i.e. at the end of "Flay me To the Moon" (not violent). It sounds nearly identical to Sound Ideas, Cartoon, Cork Pops: Comedy - Single cork pop and heavy guzzling - 1967 (7C, reprocessed), but the pop is slightly sharper-sounding than the BBC one.
  • The klaxon buzzing/alarm blaring sound that's usually used when characters scream, a "AHOOOOGA!" kind-of sound. Some on this wiki believe that it's Sound Ideas, AUTO, HORN - KALUGA CAR HORN: FORD MODEL-T: LONG BLAST 01 in a high pitch, but I'm not sure about that.
  • The [ BOAR SQUEALS ] used for K'nuckles losing his patience in "Mechanical Genie Island". Those may be recorded by Jeff himself since I never heard those squeals anywhere else so far except in Flapjack.

By the way, any sound effects to note in other Jeff Hutchins' projects like My Life with Morrissey (2003), Dead in the Water (1991) (with both Jeff and Joel Valentine), Chris Brown's short The Drop (2008) (Shorts) and the documentary Visions of Warriors (2016)?

  • The synthesized heart beat/pulse sound usually heard in Spongebob: By which I mean that it's not an organic (real) heart beat, but more like a synthesized, electronic pulse imitation (i.e. "Code Yellow" when Spongebob flipped one of Squidward's organs during surgery). This's also used for the hearts in Chowder's dish in "Chowder's Catering Company" ("I put a lot of heart into it!")

Sound Effects Used by Jeff, Joel and various others

  • Classic Anime Falling Whistle: That high-pitched, descending whistle you often hear in Samurai Jack for flying accents; it's used in Anime like Dragon Ball too. It's used twice for Spongebob's sand missiles in "Sand Castles in the Sand". I DON'T think that it's a Joel Valentine sound effect, though; it sounds fairly dated, and it may be on Vintage Anime SFX.
  • Shiny Sound 2: Another classic Anime sound that is often used to accent, say, Samurai Jack's sword or other shining objects. The Powerpuff Girls, Wander Over Yonder and various shows use this too. It may be on Vintage Anime SFX.
  • H-B SCI FI - ROCKET BY, NOISY (sounds like "AUH-WHI!" or such), used for the nuclear explosions in "The Day After" (1983). I'm not sure if it's like a H-B/Universal sound or whatever library from which it comes.
  • Various "classic" anime sounds including the first 2 listed above. Joel Valentine makes heavy use of this in Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls (Seasons 1-6 only), and Jeff Hutchins uses them sometimes too, like the Flapjack episode "Who's That Man in the Mirror?" when the portrait of K'nuckles is slashed up. One of those accents is heard in the PPG episode "Keen on Keane" when Professor Utonium grabs Ms. Keane and there's this big flash. They may be on Vintage Anime SFX.
  • Other various "classic" ANIME sounds which I don't here in the works of Joel & Jeff would include some of those high-pitched accents used for some hits in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (i.e. a falling rock hits surface, or in the intro when Scratch hits a big rock after being socked by Robotnik). Also, the fight sequences in Spirit Warrior: Peacock King OVA #1, "Festival of Ogre's Revival" (warning: some mature content), has a ton of those big Anime hitting/zappy kind-of sounds that various Anime projects tend to use; Gary Rydstrom did the sound design of this at Skywalker Sound. Can any of those Anime sounds be identified?
  • "HORTA-HACIENDA POST HEAD SHAKE", that wet sloshing/shaking sound when a character shakes their head, even if they're not slobbering. This's used in Ren & Stimpy, Samurai Jack, Spongebob, and even an episode of Primal, among various projects; it's probably on a Hollywood Edge library like Cartoon Trax Volume 1 or The Premiere Edition Volume 1, but I'm not sure. Myles Moss (on YouTube) thinks that it's a Horta Editorial/Hacienda Post sound effect. I heard this in Animal Planet's 50 Greatest Movie Animals from some movie clip of a dog shaking himself in slow-motion.
  • loud, poignant alarm bell-type clanging heard in VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas, Grim & Evil/The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (including single bell hits), Spongebob Squarepants 4-D (when he realizes that he's headed for Rock Bottom) and even A Christmas Carol (2009) (mixed with very many other bell ringing/clanging sounds, all at once). Probably on a Hollywoodedge library and may be a Disney/Cartoon Trax V1 sound.
  • The old-fashioned "braahow!" sound--some sort of artillery whirring/whooshing sound--that accents explosions, cannon fire or quickly launched and incoming artillery in shows like Samurai Jack and Spongebob (i.e. the beginning of "Boating School"). Joel Valentine makes heavy use of this. It was also heard once in "Young Indiana Jones and the Trenches of Hell", mixed with another artillery falling sound. I have no idea what libraries from which this comes, though it could be a Universal/H-B sound. Speaking of that, we need more samples from the Sound Ideas 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library.

Sound Effects Used by Horta Editorial/Hacienda Post for Ren & Stimpy

  • That record scratch often used to accent character takes. I think and assume that it's Hollywoodedge, Record Scratches 1 SS016001.
  • That scratching sound often used when a character shakes; I think that it's a record skipping or something like that.
  • The "[ Shattering Glass ]" sound heard when Stimpy does a take of surprise, near the end of "Stimpy's Invention", as he realizes that Ren is angry.

Sound Effects Used by Skywalker Sound/Ben Burtt

  • What I call "Sound Ideas, WIND - DESERT WIND, LONELY, HAUNTING, OMINOUS, WEATHER" is the light wind howl ambiance on Lothal in Star Wars: Rebels, but I heard it in the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty" after Sylvia stopped fighting and noticed Wander looking at a sock. This may be just a Sound Ideas or Hollywood Edge sound effect; i.e. it could be any of the wind sounds on the Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library It can also be heard in Titan A.E., the credits of The Moving Pyramid (2001), and the THX Grand trailer.
  • Often following SKYWALKER EXPLOSION 01 (including SKYWALKER, EXPLOSION - MASSIVE EXPLOSION, LOUD, HYPER-REALISTIC), there's this old-fashioned fire hissing sound (sounds like "rrrshee... sheeeerrr...!"), a Warner Bros. sound effect. Regarding classic Warner Bros. material, at least part of it is used in some Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts, like "Stop! Look! and Hasten!" whenever Wile E. Coyote leaves a trail of fire due to speed or "Bye Bye Bluebeard" when Bluebeard blows fire from hot sauce. Ben Burtt first used this in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) after Han blows up a droid that Chewie alarmed (shot where this WB fire sound is heard is here ) and for some fire trailing from biplanes in the 2012 print of "Wings".
  • I suppose that it makes sense to call one of the classic WB explosions "LOONEY TUNES EXPLOSION SOUND 03", and that sound is used by Ben Burtt a good bit in the Young Indiana Jones movies, a number of Star Wars films, and China: The Wild East (1996); it was heard once in Mission: Impossible (1996)" in the first flashback to the exploding car at a slightly low volume.
  • Another explosion sound Ben Burtt tends to use is what I call "FAMOUS STUDIOS CARTOON EXPLOSION SOUND". It sounds like "PH-GRP!" and often has a trailing "Rmb-b-b-b-b-b!" kind-of sound, like air/debris rumbling from the explosion. It's heard often in Red Tails and sometimes in Revenge of the Sith, as well as The Clone Wars & Rebels. This and some other old-fashioned explosions that Ben Burtt tends to use can be heard in Forces of Destiny: The Starfighter Stunt .
  • The original, old-fashioned electrical crackles used for lightsaber clashes in Star Wars to this very day. The Tales From the Darkside episode "Typewriter of the Gods", "Armageddon", "G-Force", rare cases of Spongebob (like the Sea Bunny chewing on TV wires)... these classic sounds came from somewhere.
  • Classic bullet ricochets (excluding the typical WB riccos) used often in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) and Star Wars: Clone Wars chapters 17-21. Some of these ricochets are heard in the Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry shorts.

Alexpixar is really good at picking up on Skywalker Sound SFX, so he might be familiar with these Skywalker-based material.

Sound Effects Used by Glenn Oyabe/Glenwood Editorial

It may help, if you can ask GhostyMctoasty (Glenn Oyabe on Twitter) .

  • "GLENN OYABE SWEAT/DROOL/DRIP SOUND", that loud sweating/drooling/dripping sound, often heard in Grim & Evil/The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy/Evil Con Carne, and sometimes heard in Spongebob, like "Rule of Dumb" . It's often used by Hacienda Post, so it must be something on, like, a Hollywoodedge library (maybe even Cartoon Trax Volume 1).
  • The laser zap sound used for the exploding penguins in the Billy & Mandy episode with "Exploding Penguins III: Total Annihilation". This was used for a laser gun in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".
  • The roots and/or name of "NEW WARNER BROS. THUNDER 02". This was used for an enemy's lasers/laser guns in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984). Some thunder SFX combos have a very similar sound which I listed as "Similar Variations" on NEW WARNER BROS. THUNDER 02's page.
  • The "shing" sounds of Grim's scythe and other sharp objects/blades/etc. in Billy & Mandy. This was used in "The Mask" (1994) when the main character wraps a chain to seal the park entrance off.

Sound Effects Used by Various

  • Cartoon Gulp Sound: This's used for Candace gulping in "Journey to the Center of Candace", but I heard it often for gulps in Teen Titans

    This cartoon gulp sound that's used in Teen Titans Go! and Phineas and Ferb

    Go! as well. It probably exists on some library; perhaps Cartoon Trax Volume 2 or a Digiffects Sound Ideas library?
  • A descending whistle of air in Star vs. the Forces of Evil's "Interdimensional Scavenger Hunt" when Star wacks a flying wallet away. It's not "SHELL SCREAMING WHINE DOWN" and certainly not "Sky Rocket Loud High", though it may sound similar to either whistle. I'm not sure if it's an Advantage Audio

    Whistling sound (not SHELL SCREAMING WHINE DOWN or Sky Rocket Loud High in the 360* Interdimensional Scavenger Hunt

    sound or perhaps a Sound Ideas recording, or whatever. If anyone knows what recording this is, put this picture on the sound's respective page (and not the 2 aforementioned whistles).
  • There's another descending whistle that I don't recognize in Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode "Book Be Gone". It's briefly heard just as

    Some low-pitched, low volume whistle in "Book Be Gone". Not sure if it's Heather Olsen or some other SFX library.

    Ludo in the Book of Spells falls vertically down to the ground for about a second or less. It's low-pitched and low-volume, and again not "SHELL SCREAMING WHINE DOWN" or "Sky Rocket Loud High". 

Other SFX to Identify or for which to provide audio samples

  • Stomach growls heard in Bolt (2008) in ONLY the shot of the pigeon saying "half of what I got" and doing a take [I heard these growls outside of Skywalker projects before]. Mittens' stomach growls in the next shot are Skywalker's. I wonder if they're from Pro Sound Effects or some other library? Check YouTube out and you might find samples.
  • Star Butterfly's stomach growling in "Star vs. Echo Creek". There aren't enough stomach growl SFX listed from any particular library (though there may be more on the Digiffects libary)
  • The rapid, more "organic"/realistic heartbeat sounds used in The Fairly OddParents (Michael Warner episodes only), the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Jungle Love" (Robert Hargreaves / DigiPost), and the I Am Weasel episode "I.R. Plant Life" (Roy Braverman / Horta Editorial).

Any research that can bear audio samples or related images will be appreciated. Thanks for noticing!