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The Disney Channel as we know became a generic, flamboyant, influenced-by-trendy, but most of all, the dissatisfied channel on Earth. Not even close to why Disneyland and Walt Disney World are huge successes.

That’s why I created this petition (and a friend of mine is starting a subreddit that I am contributing too). We want you to save Disney Channel and bring it back to it’s former glory. To bring a better balance of variety between their live-action and animated programming, but more importantly, promote more and give more air time to it’s original cartoons. Very soon, we hope that the channel could treat upcoming content like new episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil, and new shows such as Amphibia, The Owl House, and 101 Dalmatian Street.

Bring back reruns of old shows and air more of Disney's great animated series.

We like to bring together a community of people from all kinds of fandoms and fanbases and restructure the channel that Disney fans in general want.

Our mission: Save Disney Channel.

Once we reaches ten thousand supporters, our group, SaveDisneyChannel will give them the opportunity to contact management at Disney-ABC Television Group about approving what we call, the "Revive Mickey Mouse Channel" (RMMC) plan in form of phone calls or emails. “Mickey Mouse Channel” refers to period where Mickey Mouse was the mascot of Disney Channel from 1983 launch up until it’s removal in 2006, as SaveDisneyChannel wanted them to become mascot again. Once it's approved by executives, it will spark a huge restructuring effort on Disney Channels Worldwide (Disney Channel’s parent company), simpler to Walt Disney Animation Studios being restructured after Disney acquired Pixar back in 2006.

See, you can write many opinions that Disney Channel fans wanted in general. We will pick up wishes you want to restructure the channel and write it into opinions!

We have a Reddit!

SaveDisneyChannel is a phenomenon on revamping the legendary flagship television network of Disney from a spoof of teenybopper social media culture to a heartwarming old school roots of the channel , in return for Disney Channel's long-term schedule hiatuses of its animated shows moved from Disney XD. Created as result of Disney Channel's current decade of sitcoms overabundance, declining ratings and terrible management structure, SaveDisneyChannel is tasked with posts, images and videos about imagining new series, building up sizeable fanbases, creating a sustainable franchise, worldbuilding a shared universe, getting rid of toxic fandoms and improving organization of Disney Channels worldwide.

Log in or sign up on Reddit to share your ideas on what do you to see on Disney Channel, what do you want the channel to improve on, anything in the description up on top.

Let's save Disney Channel!