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(Copied from Community Wikia) Hi, my name is William (that's all you need to know about my name, I refuse to give my middle and last name.) I've been a Wikia user since 2014, starting with Arthur Wikia

A little background information, that I am comfortable sharing publicly, I have Asperger's Syndrome, which I believe is a form of autism, but I'm high-functioning. I do suffer from other mental-emotional and psychological problems like high anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and at times depression, and I do get emotional even over the smallest of all things. And sadly I now have physical health problems too, namely Vitamin D deficiency but autoimmune diseases run in my maternal family so I don't know if I inherited any of it but my mother tells me I did inherit some things from her. And this started when I was 28 years old!

I'm also asocial and although I don't mind talking to others, I prefer not to have a lot of social interaction, and admittedly I have a boring personality and I can be annoying and hard to deal with. Some of you may not think so but trust me, I am. I don't mind being talked to but prefer not to have much general contact. I also will not give my email and I will not post pictures of myself for my safety and privacy.

Let's cut to the more positive stuff. I am a nice person, at least I try to be and want to be and I do love others and care for others. And I don't like to upset anyone nor do I mean to cause trouble for anybody (and sadly I have caused lots of trouble for others and that's not what I want to do or intend to do.) No I cannot please everybody but I aim to respect others. I also don't like violence, fighting, arguing or getting into confrontations with anyone. I do get upset with others, and also with myself, but otherwise I don't bite. I also do not wish to be in the middle of problems between others and I don't like being told negative things about other people, at least not made to dislike others and would prefer not to be a middle-man in other people's problems. I mean you may talk to me but I may tell you things like "Have you talked to that person yourself?" And please don't get me to dislike other people or have a negative feeling about others, that's not nice. I don't want to do that to any of you either. I also believe in treating others the way I want to be treated.

I love trains: tracks, locomotives, cars/carriages, block signals, but my most favorite thing about railroads are railroad crossings (also called "level crossings" in countries outside the U.S.), admittedly it's my passion and sometimes I can get obsessed with such things. My most favorite crossing is one protected by gates/barriers and red flashing lights, and I prefer both, and I like my gates with red and white stripes and red lights on them in addition to on the main signals. American crossing signals are my most preferred signals. I'm also more into passenger rail (Intercity Rail, National Rail, Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Streetcars, even Tourist and Excursion Rail).

I'm also into cartoons, I love that more than live-action shows, movies and documentaries. I mean I like live-action programs but I like cartoons and animation better. Some of my favorite cartoons are Fairly Odd Parents, Kim Possible, Braceface, Arthur (PBS), Maya and Miguel, Phineas and Ferb, Rugrats All Grown Up, The Weekenders, 64 Zoo Lane, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Caillou (yes I like Caillou), The Simpsons, The Loud House, Street Football (a.k.a. Foot 2 Rue) and Bubble Guppies.

I'm also crazy about rabbits, real ones and cartoon ones like Buster Baxter (Arthur), Bugs Bunny, etc. I don't like all rabbits though but they are my most favorite animals in the world and sometimes I wish I had my own bunny. I play with Shnuffel, this mobile device virtual pet rabbit. My other favorite animals are cats, turtles, and squirrels. I'm also into anthropomorphic animals, at least the cartoon ones, especially rabbits.

I'm also an artist, I like to draw and make art, and I like art. My favorite things to draw are railroad crossings, trains, cartoons (I'm a fan-artist too), transmission towers that carry power lines, and rabbits. I'm part of Deviant Art, this is my page and I encourage you to visit it please and see what I have

I can also be very particular about things.

I'm also one of Jehovah's Witnesses but respect other people's religious views and beliefs. I am a Christian. I'm still not perfect though. And I do not want to talk about politics, I'm strictly neutral in that department.

That's all I'll share about myself for now, I may add more information later on.

(ADDED JANUARY 13, 2019: Due to problems and conflicts between me and WikiExpertXV, and me being as sensitive as I am and getting hurt easily, I will no longer be contributing to this wikia ever again! I've crossed him twice and have gotten hurt and saddened and had two fall-outs with him and I decided that was the last straw! And I'm now too scared and too freaked out to contribute to this wiki anymore! Although I'm miraculously unblocked, probably will be again for the third time, I don't want to contribute here again. And I'm scared to make another mistake! I'd start my own sound effects wiki but I just don't have the time or commitment to do so.)

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