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What's up! I'm Willie Okendo, and I'm here to help out on this site since I know the more recognizable sounds I've heard in the entertainment industry. I mainly know what uses cartoon sounds and some general realistic sounds. And I'm also the watcher of this wiki, making sure users follow the rules. And if you break the rules, you will be blocked for a month or more. I'm watching you!

Note: For anyone who wants to add pages themselves (most notably MurphyWiki), I want to give you a warning that I'm on my laptop almost all day and always check, edit, and add anything on this site. So please don't trip on me about that since I hate when people complain to me that they wanted to do it first and not me, you should tell me first before I start doing it OK.

My Favorite Anime


My Fan-Made Anime Shows

My Opinion on Stock SFX

I have been collecting sound effects libraries since I've first gotten the first Cartoon Trax Sound Effects Library. Since then, I've bought more sound effects libraries after. The reason for that is because I want to make my own sound effects library containing my favorite sound effects, and creating my own new sounds. Since I'm getting tired of hearing the same Hollywood Edge (mainly The Premiere Edition Vol. 1, The Edge Edition Vol. 1, and Animal Trax) and Hanna-Barbera sound effects in today's entertainment industry, I want to give the other sound effects libraries a chance by using those more often than the ones we hear today.

You can see the list of SFX libraries I will be using for my own SFX library.

For anyone who hasn't seen one of my blogs I did back then which is my list of Top Ten Annoying H-B and General SFX, there are several cartoon and general SFX I hate hearing now a days. I will only show the ones that irritate me the most now a days.

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Cartoon Sounds I Hate

I Prefer

Note: One I didn't list is the Looney Tunes Cartoon Fall Sound since I will list all 14 of the whistles I like or hate in bullet list:

  • 1st - OK With
  • 2nd - Hate
  • 3rd - Prefer
  • 4th - OK With
  • 5th - Hate
  • 6th - Prefer
  • 7th - Hate
  • 8th - Prefer
  • 9th - Hate
  • 10th - Prefer
  • 11th - Hate
  • 12th - Prefer
  • 13th - Hate
  • 14th - Prefer

Another that has its hit or miss for me is the Tom Scream, like the Looney Tunes fall sound, there are some I like and some I don't like.

General Sounds I Hate


I Prefer