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I'm Trent98 (formerly Pansagetrent9), but my real name is actually Trent Alan Jordan, but please, call me Trent. I'm a 22-year-old New Zealand male who is high-functioning on the autism spectrum (some people think I have ASD (Aspergers Spectrum Disorder)). I originate from the Hutt Valley near Wellington (the capital of New Zealand) since I was born on March 31st 1998 (yes, for my entire life I never left anywhere outside New Zealand until May 2019 when I went on a cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, but I am planning to go to Australia (which is my #1 favourite country), and maybe visit Canada, UK, Japan or something I like to visit in the near future).

I'm a trustworthy user who always puts in 100% legit information on the pages of the sound effects that I recognize when I watch a TV series, movie, ad/commercial, YouTube video etc. I NEVER EVER put false information and I always follow the rules on this Wiki.

My TV Show Opinions

This list is a work in progress.

The TV Shows I'm Currently Into Are...

  • Pokémon (the recent one, Pokémon Journeys (both sub & dub))

The TV Shows I Liked Were...

The TV Shows I'm Okay With (I Guess) Was...

  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Because the design of the characters of the show looks a bit like The Loud House since the sickening creator of TLH, Chris Savino, worked on Kick Buttowski, not to mention that the draft designs of the main characters were done by Chris. Harold Buttowski, the father in the Buttowski family, for example, looks similar to Lynn Loud Sr (since they were both voiced by Brian Stepanek). I hate Brad, Kick's brother, because he's a dillweed (which he always calls Kick one)! And the less said about that episode "Brad's Room", where they use the Series 2000 baby cry sound for Harold (the father in the Buttowski family) as an infant in a flashback, the better. I can probably imagine Kick Buttowski characters in the Loud House designs, which would look way better (since TLH aired 6 years after KB:SD (3 years if you count the TLH pilot)).

My SFX Opinions

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Thanks for reading my user page and knowing all about me.

Enjoy browsing (and editing) this Wiki, but remember: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, AND THAT IS ME AND THE OTHER ADMINS. :-D

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