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I'm Trent98 (formerly Pansagetrent9), but my real name is actually Trent Alan Jordan, but please, call me Trent. I'm a 24-year-old New Zealand male who is high-functioning on the autism spectrum (some people think I have ASD (Aspergers Spectrum Disorder)). I originate from the Hutt Valley near Wellington (the capital of New Zealand) since I was born on March 31st 1998 (yes, for my entire life I never left anywhere outside New Zealand until May 2019 when I went on a cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, but I am planning to go to Australia (which is my #1 favourite country), and maybe visit Canada, UK, Japan or something I like to visit in the near future).

Now I don't go on this website often nowadays but I'm a trustworthy user who always puts in 100% legit information on the pages of the sound effects that I recognize when I watch a TV series, movie, ad/commercial, YouTube video etc. I NEVER EVER put false information and I always follow the rules on this Wiki.

Thank you for reading my user page and knowing all about me. Enjoy browsing (and editing) this Wiki, but remember: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, AND THAT IS ME AND THE OTHER ADMINS. :-D

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