SqueakyCartWheel is an autistic lover of cartoons, comics, good music, and of course, sound effects. His favorite cartoons include SpongeBob SquarePants, Rocko's Modern Life, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Tom & Jerry and Inspector Gadget, and his favorite musical artists include the Beatles and Queen. He also is a fan of Pixar's animated movies, and has been fascinated by the world of sound effects for quite some time, even more so when he went on an SFX downloading binge, in pursuit of adding effects for his ever-growing sound effects library for school projects, some of the effects he downloaded taken from this very website.

He intends to become an animator someday, hoping to eventually be owner of his own production company. For sound effects, he intends to use a variety of sounds in his projects from various sources both used often and not so often, not limiting himself to the sounds many editors tend to use (Looking at you, "big whistle zing out" and Premiere Edition crowd gasp and cat yowls!!), but using sounds ranging from familiar effects from Hanna-Barbera, WB and so on, to sounds from lesser used libraries like Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Sound Effects Library and Classic TV Sound Effects Library, and even other sounds taken from other sources, like the vast Freesound library, vintage sounds taken from various and sundry places, among other sources.

He also intends to create a vast library of totally ORIGINAL sound effects in a number of categories, to be used in tandem to the various stock sounds he'd like to use. This is pretty much to appease those who despise hearing stock sounds almost everywhere. He also has plans to distribute this collection as a royalty-free SFX library, along with a collection of vintage effects not available anywhere else. He might be a bit of a dreamer, but those are his plans for the future. He also intends to be a solid contributor to this wiki, Fandom... whatever.

My ABSOLUTE favorite sound effects*

(* If you dislike any of these sounds, I respect your opinion.)

Sounds I Hate

Sounds I'm Neutral To, But Will Avoid Using Nonetheless

Favorite Sound Editors/Designers

  • Don Douglas
  • Fred MacAlpin
  • Garry Rydstrom
  • Greg Watson
  • Jeff Hutchins
  • Jim Faris
  • Jimmy MacDonald
  • Joe Siracusa
  • Michael Geisler
  • Phil Kaye
  • Robert Hargreaves
  • Russell Brower
  • Sam Horta
  • Treg Brown
  • Tim Borquez
  • Tod Dockstader and the rest of the SFX people for the Deitch Tom and Jerry films (including Deitch himself!)
  • Warner Leighton
  • whomever the uncredited sound effects people were on Chuck Jones' Tom and Jerry films (besides Lovell Norman who was credited for two)
  • whomever I didn't list who worked for H-B in the 60s. The editing, especially early on, was really creative and funny!

Sounds I'd Like to Use as Signature Effects in My Projects

Sound Libraries I'd Like To Use

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