Sup guys, Alex Roman at your service. I am 18, huge animal lover, PDD-NOS and probably Aspie as well, and I came to this wiki because I learned how to recognize many of the media's most used stock sound effects when I was little. Jacobjohn55, one of my favorite people on the wiki says that recognizing stock SFX as good as he can is a sign of autism or Asperger's, which is accurate for me.

My Honest thoughts on commonly used SFX

In case anyone is wondering, this isn't necessarily complaining, but showing the world my honest opinions in a descriptive way.

I like it.

  • Elektra Records, Hyena - I love this effect because it reminds me of the It's A Big Big World website from PBS Kids, and it was mixed with some other effects.
  • Hollywoodedge, Bird Rooster 2 Crow PE021501 - I like it because it sounds more realistic and less piercing than the Series 6000 samples, but it brings back memories of Curious George Cows Don't Quack game from PBS Kids, and SpongeBob. I am specifically referring to the first effect in this sample.
  • Hollywoodedge, Elephant Single Clas AT043801 - It reminds me of the Living Books game, Arthur's Reading Race when Arthur and DW were at the zoo.
  • Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601 Overused? Sure, bit this effects is nothing to me. While it's not exactly everyone's cup of tea on this site, I do tolerate this sound. It reminds me of The Secret Life of Pets, among others. I even heard the third and fourth yowls of this in Rubbadubbers in Sploshy's Wishes when Terence pulls out things from his genie jar.
  • Sound Ideas, ANIMAL, MONKEY - VARIOUS SCREAMS, APE - It reminds me of the Rio movies.
  • Sound Ideas, CARTOON, CAT - MEOW, ANIMAL 03 - It's like a happier version of Sound Ideas, CAT - DOMESTIC: SINGLE MEOW, ANIMAL 02.
  • Sound Ideas, ELEPHANT - ELEPHANT TRUMPETING, THREE TIMES, ANIMAL - I used to dislike this effect because I cried after hearing this since I was a kid, but I grew a soft spot for it since I decided to hear it on the Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs Happy Meal commercial. Like the lion sound (see below), it gives me memories of Baby Noah: Animal Expedition.
  • Sound Ideas, LION - ROARING, ANIMAL, CAT - I loved this sound effect since hearing it from Baby Noah: Animal Expedition and it reminds me of that Baby Einstein DVD and the road monster from The SpongeBob SquarePants movie that roared like this lion effect. Maybe one of Series 6000's best animal effects, despite their reputation for low-key obnoxious/overused animal effects.

It's alright

  • Sound Ideas, CAT - DOMESTIC: SINGLE MEOW, ANIMAL 02 - It's decent-tier to my ears, but I heard better. It remids me of Caillou when Gilbert meowed like this. A lot of Nick Jr. shows seem to like this effect. It does sound low-key sad, but it's also somewhat gentle and tolerable. I like this effect better in lower or higher pitches.


Neutral Tier

I don't care for it.

I don't like it.

  • Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 01 and 02 - The 1st one is quite a powerful effect (well, too much for my own tastes), but I found the 2nd one to be quite irritating, especially when I was a kid. They sound almost like whiny cows. I actually cried after hearing this effect. One time this happened, I talked to my family about this problem and my dad told me that "Even if it's your favorite show, you're still gonna hear it". Turns out, he's right, all along, in that for example, I wanted to get into a show called "Fly Tales", but in the episode, "The Chocolate Coin", I fell for the 2nd effect and I rarely watched that show since.

I despite it!

  • Sound Ideas, BIRD, ROOSTER - MORNING CALL, ANIMAL 01/02 - I hated this effect since I got traumatized once when I was little. Like the cow sounds, I used to cry after hearing this effect. For example, I fell for this effect in Fanboy and Chum Chum and I stopped watching that show since then. I think it's sad that sound editors for Nelvana shows use this effect.
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